Meet the mysterious duo pumping out sultry disco-infused R&B.

Emotional Oranges
Emotional Oranges


Now that we’ve got your attention, direct yourself towards LA-based duo, Emotional Oranges, emitting sultry sound waves pretty much overflowing with bedroom vibes.

Saccharine meets Frank Ocean with the mysterious pair overlapping their signature male and female vocals – all on top of funk-tinged R&B.

And “Personal” – which marks their second release – is no different, opening with cloudy thumping bass, the kind you hear right before you go into a club and you get that teensy jolt of anticipation of a good night incoming (no one else?).

“It was inspired by us experimenting, trying to find a way to blend our love for acid jazz guitar, funky basslines and hip-hop drums,” explains the band. “We hope you have good make-up (and break-up) sex to this song.”

And the visuals? A dreamy retro boudoir of satin sheets and sixties-style polaroid mini dresses.

Watch the music video for “Personal” below…

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