Fatboy Slim-produced summer vibes.

Brother Leo
Brother Leo

Any music video that takes inspiration from Wes Anderson (bell hop included), or makes an overt reference to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (check the beached bed), is always going to be worth a watch.

So you’ll be wanting to direct your attention to the surreal, but mesmerising visuals for Brother Leo’s track: “Strangers On An Island”.

The debut of Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Ola Svensson, who actually started his music career on Swedish Idol – he’s since swiped a Grammy nomination, now settling on his boppy pop alter-ego, Brother Leo.

“Brother Leo means freedom. The name comes from a reoccurring dream I had as a kid,” explains Ola. “In the dream I had a twin brother, he was a free spirit, brave, confident and always had the answers to everything. He had superpowers and his name was Leo”.