The Manchester-born R&B crooner on her new single.

Pip Millett
Pip Millett

Pip Millett shot out of anonymity last year thanks to her soulful flourishes on producer Joe Hertz’s R&B track “Goodbye Kisses.” Since then, the Manchester-native released her debut single “Make Me Cry”, proving that she’s more than steady standing on her own two feet.

Lush, sultry vocals and intimate lyrics dominate the R&B singer’s sound, with Millett citing Lauryn Hill as a huge influence.

Compared to the sassier, biting tone of first single, “Make Me Cry,” her husky crooning gets a more playful outlet in brand new track, “Love The Things You Do.”

Millett sings about having feelings for a friend, but moving past it and still deciding to remain close afterwards, and the emphasis is on showcasing her mature tone, laid over a twinkling instrumental. Lazy Sunday afternoon vibes, you feel?

We caught up with Pip to find out more…

Hi! Where are you from and how has that influenced your music?

I’m from Manchester, but moved from the city to the suburbs when I was 4. I think the mix of the two places allowed for a larger mix of genres to reach me. My mum was a main source for most of my musical influences, but growing up with the kids in my area probably bought me closer to the acoustic sounds, and pushed me towards wanting to learn how to play guitar.

Describe your sound.

My sound is somewhere under the umbrella of neo-soul. The lyrics are the centre of every song. It’s like the music moves around the words. I’ve been lucky enough to work with talented producers and musicians such as Lester Duval and Josh Crocker, whose productions help emphasise the meaning behind the lyrics.

What artists did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to various genres. Albums frequently heard in the car were Lauryn Hill’s “Miseducation”, Amy’s [Winehouse’s] “Back to Black” and Joni Mitchell’s “Blue”. I still listen to them all now.

When did you first start making music?

I can’t say I can remember the exact age, but I started playing bass and then guitar when I was 14, so I think that would’ve been the beginning of anything proper.

R&B singer Pip Millett
R&B singer Pip Millett

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

It’s really early days, but I think it would be the release of my first single “Make Me Cry.” I really didn’t know what to expect but it made me feel so nervous, and excited. Also watching people on the journey with me getting excited was overwhelming. The realisation that people were interested in what I was doing was great.

What is the story behind “Love the Things You Do”?

I wrote it after telling a good friend I had feelings for them and getting knocked back. I don’t think I’ve ever been that nervous sending a text, and I’ll never be sending one like it again. The feelings were mutual which made things a lot less awkward, but there was a variety of other stuff that stopped anything going further than that text. The song was basically just to ease any tension, and reassure him that our friendship would stay the same. We’re still pretty close and it’s all calm now.

What’s your favourite line from the song and why?

“Still I understand, you don’t have to hold my hand”. This would have to be my favourite line because it says quite a lot. In my mind this line was trying to get across the point of not being the young and innocent and naive girl that I was so scared of being perceived as.

What’s next for you?

My plans change all the time to be honest. There should be more singles coming later this year. It’s all very exciting right now, and I’m hoping to keep rolling songs out.

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