The master-producer weaving a night out narrative across a three part release.

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“I’m in a really good headspace right now,” Sam Lewis tells me earnestly. “I love the music I’m making and music in general so I just wanna be creating as much as possible.” For most, a debut record would be an accomplishment in itself, but being an anomaly to the rule, the 23-year-old producer decided to release a 18-track, three-part concept album under his musical moniker, SG Lewis.

“When I came up with the concept of Dusk, Dark and Dawn it felt like I had something that I could really get my teeth into artistically and stand behind and be proud of,” he explains. “I’m glad that I waited because now that I have that idea, I feel so passionately about the album concept and the songs that are on there.” The first “phase”, Dusk was released in April, and Lewis promises, “all three parts of the album will come out this year.”

Lewis has created sparkling electronic gems for the past few years. First garnering attention in 2014 for his remix of Jessie Ware’s “You & I (Forever)”, he’s since released a handful of singles and EPs, collaborating with the likes of JP Cooper and Gallant and even reworked his pals’ work, including the mammoth hit “New Rules” from pop darling, Dua Lipa. “I think that having the vision for this album has made me work much quicker,” he admits, knowing his first album has been a long time coming, “and I think I owe my fans that.”

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“I wanted to put a lot music onto this album and I think 18 tracks for a debut is a lot for anyone to process…” he laughs. “I wanted to break it up so that people could really digest each part of the album and understand the concept.” Dusk’s role within that is a shimmering introduction to the project, opening with “Sunsets Pt. 1 and 2”, two songs with staccato, effervescent melodies that sound like video-game homepage music gone luxe, chilled enough for their namesake time of day, teasing with club-ready euphoric swells. J Warner and Cartel both claim a feature spot, vocalists chosen off of “gut feeling” who frame Lewis’ own offering on new single, “Coming Up”.

“I’ve become more comfortable singing over the last year or so,” he explains, with “Coming Up” only the second track in his discography with vocals entirely by him. “I wrote it with Sophie Cooke who’s a good friend of mine, and also a singer-songwriter called Frances, someone I am so comfortable around. She can really get the best out of me as a singer, inspiring me and teaching me new ways to use my voice.” Frances has been an SG ride-or-die since the beginning, even working on his 2015 debut single, “Warm”.

Dusk’s release was marked with a celebratory sold-out headline show at Electric Brixton, an iconic venue that’s just mere five minute walk from his flat. “The energy in the room was just so crazy, there was so much love from the audience and I think that everyone in the room kind of felt that too. I think for me that was special, to doing such an important show so close to where I live,” he enthuses. Not only did he manage to save on Oyster credit (every little helps), the short trip meant continuing the night at his own place, like any other 23 year old would. “I ended up with was too many people back at my flat for the after-afterparty,” he laughs, breaking his sentimental reflection on the milestone show. “I was freaking out ‘cause I thought the police were going to get called on us!”

While Lewis has escaped without any ASBO-esque convictions, impromptu after-afterparties are exactly the kind of experience Dusk, Dark and Dawn exists to soundtrack. “Rather than a message I just want people to appreciate the beauty in and around club culture,” he explains. “Personally, some of my most formative experiences have been in this culture and the music that comes with it, so it’s just me showing my appreciation and my interpretation of all of the music that’s around the culture, not necessarily club music.”

“I want people to be taken on a journey when they listen to the three parts,” Lewis concludes. With disco influences and nods to east coast hip-hop in just the first chapter, buy your round ticket now.

Taken from the Summer 2018 Issue; out now and available to buy here.

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