Playlist: Fever Dream

Fever Dream selects the best Hip-Hop acts playing at this years’ Secret Solstice festival.

Festival season is well and truly upon us, and up next is our annual fave, Secret Solstice. Located in Iceland (if you’ve never been, make sure you book a flight ASAP!), the festival has a killer line-up featuring everyone from Stormzy to Steve Aoki.

Also on the line-up is the unstoppable Fever Dream. With her bad gal attitude and unrivalled musical prowess, Fever Dream should certianly be on your watch-list for the festiva. Exclusively for Wonderland, she’s selected to very best picks from the festival, detailing why you should spend your time listening to her selects.

IAMDDB – “More”

I love her whole album and I have it on repeat for a few months now. There is something in this beat that just gets me in the feels. Smooth voice, good flow and she is a bad bitch.

Yung Nigo Drippin – “Pluggið hringir”

When I heard this song I was at work, the song is a about working as a drug dealer. I felt immediately lit. The beat is good and the video is gangsta cute. Even when i’ve been dancing to techno at Berghain this song is banging in my head. He’s also from my hometown Hafnarfjörður, so represent.

Alvia Islandia – “Klakarnir feat. Alvia Islandia”

This song is actually only featured by Alvia but it’s just so good. Here she and Dadykewl put their powers together for a kind of poppy song integrated with the trap sound she usually does. Dady is not playing Secret Solstice but I think we will see him on stage with her. The video is also amazing. Her other songs are also so lit.

Elli Grill – “Dr.Muller (Tappi Tíkarass)”

He first made his name known in Shades of Reykjavík and now has published his first album called Þykk fitan vol. 5. He is a unique rapper, his style, his flow and his voice. His beats are also very fucking good.

Stormzy – “Big For Your Boots”

He played Secret Solstice once before, his show was so good. I love his lyrics. He is also very hot.

Reykjavíkurdætur – “BOSSY ft. Balcony Boyz”

SubQueens. With dætur Ragga Holm and Kolfinna on the lyrics featuring the first boys that Reykjavíkurdætur collab with.

Ragga Holm – “Hvað finnst þér um það?” Feat. Kíló

My DJ and bestie, she is one of my favorite rappers in Iceland, fresh flow and I know she’s writing killer stuff. This is her first solo perfomance and I will join her on stage. She is also one of the few female DJ’s in Iceland, member of Reykjavíkurdætur and runs a club. Wonderwoman.

 – “Summatime

Goldlink is cool af. I’m excited to see him live.

Vala CruNk – “
BadBoys Bitches Blaze

She a bad bitch and her flow is something different in the Icelandic scene. She doesn’t really give a fuck and takes up all the room she needs. She and her sis Alvia are the GumGum Clan. 

Geisha Cartel – “Meðal”

Geisha Cartel have been doing good in Iceland. Going their own way, gangsta rap about selling drugs and standing out to be the best at it they also portray a different theme of fragile masculinity and red roses praise. I love them. They also just released a new album on Spotify.