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Earrings and bracelets CARTIER

Since being spotted in matching out ts at Paris Fashion Week when they were 14, Saudi-born Palestinian twins Simi and Haze Khadra — otherwise known as Sama and Haya — have quickly earned their stripes as two of the most fashionable sisters in the industry. The girls answer my questions in anonymous tandem as if they share a brain, after all, twin telepathy doesn’t seem all that outrageous when you examine just how similar the sisters appear. “We nd our inspiration in whatever we’re excited by at the moment,” they tell me, which, judging by the colourful snapshots featured on their shared social channels, is a lot more exciting than they’re letting on.

Living in the moment, it seems, is an important skill to have when you’ve got reputations as artists, DJs and a 624k-strong Instagram following to uphold, but Simi and Haze appear to have it all under control. “Turn it into one,” they say breezily when I ask how they both manage their hectic schedules.

Lately the sisters have been channelling the experimental work of John Cage, Lamont Young and Marion Zazeela, which recently culminated in Lucid Box, an LA-based light, sound, and performance art installation. Inspired by the Light and Space Movement that emerged from Southern California in the 60s, the installation was an exploration of the simultaneous banality and complexity of the passing moment.

“We wanted to encapsulate the eeting moments of clarity humans have that are usually followed by a cold plunge back into daily life,” they explain. “The box structure that the performers were in represented the separation between the illusion of reality and higher consciousness where the mind, body, heart and soul connect in that eeting moment.” The artists take a similarly exploratory approach when it comes to their music, a rhythmically supercharged mix of Afrobeat, dancehall and baile funk, put simply, “music that makes us wanna move — and some slow jams.”


“We were the designated friends to play music at a party or in the car, and everyone would tell us that we should DJ,” they explain of their natural selector status. “It got to a point where we realised that we should just go with it because it’s not natural to keep pushing something away that keeps coming back. We always feed off of the energy of the environment.”

But success doesn’t come as effortlessly as Simi and Haze’s carefree attitudes initially suggest, a fact that the sisters are quick to admit. Despite what you might have heard, good things don’t always come to those who wait. Want a killer archive to mix from? You’ve got to nd it. You have to earn the ability to make a whole dance oor fall in love with a new cut at once. “We feel like the biggest thing is just working on your craft,” the sisters say. “If you’re going to take up DJing, really work on it — work on mixing and expand your music horizon.”

And when you’re hopping from country to country, ying above Mount Everest and stopping off to meet the “only living goddess in the world” in Nepal as the girls did recently, those horizons are apparently limitless. “We want to keep doing what we are doing, expressing ourselves and our message in different artistic mediums, whether it be music, art, fashion or lm,” they explain. Identical twins with impeccable style and an utmost respect for the sanctity of slow jams? You’ll be seeing them around for sure.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Bracelets (worn throughout) CARTIER, necklaces (worn throughout) model’s own and dress DSQUARED2. Top MARQUES’ALMEIDA.

Megan K Eagles
Toni Blaze
Rosanna Dodds
Stelios Chondros at LeGarage Inc using L’Oreal Colorista
Make up
Makeup Porsche Poon using MAC Cosmetics
Videographer and Set Design
Aidan Zamiri
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Shelford Place Studios
Simi & Haze

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