The songs we should be listening to “4 lyf”.

I spy with my little eye some bad bitches making us an equally bad ass playlist. Ahead of their set next month at Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival (more info here!), we got our fave punk rock babes Dream Wife – aka Rakel Mjöll, Alice Go and Bella Podpadec – to take us through all the acts that they can’t wait to see.

With a few well-known names alongside some exciting acts from the festival’s homeland, sit back and relax and start planning who you’re going to drag along to the festival with you to see this playlist IRL…

Stormzy – “Shut Up”

Obviously. We played a festival in Spain last summer and were excited to see him perform but I got a full blown heatstroke that eve. It felt like a truck was repeatedly hitting my head and stomach. And I remember being driven away from the festival area just barely alive and hearing Stormzy’s set in the distance thinking damn!

Fever Dream – “Reyndu Bara”

Love this girl. Incredible rapper that we collaborated with on our track “F.U.U.” She started out being a part of Reykjavíkurdætur but is now making waves as a solo artist. One to watch.

Godchilla – “Dracoola”

Wizards of surf doom. Each show of theirs is like walking into a B-horror movie set. One cold winter night in Reykjavík a few years ago, I met the guys and we got the idea to change a student gallery into a beach and have a beach party. So, a few weeks later that’s what we did. Imported so much sand. Took ages to clean all that sand away but was a really fun beach party during a January snowstorm.

Mighty Bear – “Hvarf”

Drag meets spooky indie music. It’s something you’ve maybe never seen before. A stunning visual show too. It’ll leave you puzzled and intrigued.

Young Karin – “Peakin'” feat. Logi Pedro

She’s something special. We asked her to sing a duet on a song called “Everything” that was on our first EP. It’s a song about friendship and we’ve been friends for a while and always admired her vocal ability so seemed like the perfect fit. Now today she’s really come into her own and i’m just so excited to see what she’s gonna do next. Her last single “Peakin'” is beautiful!

Vök – “Breaking Bones”

They’re incredible live! Such good humans too! Their new album is them exploring new sounds and it’s such a stunning creation.

Reykjavíkurdætur – “Hvað er málið”

A gang of badass women not taking your shit. And making some damn good music. Go witness the fitness.

Agent Fresco – “Eyes Of A Cloud Catcher”

Legends in the Reykjavik indie scenes. They’re also known for being the kindest and nicest people in the scene. Saying that, everyone’s really nice in the music scene, it’s too small of a country to rude for no reason – can’t get away that shit. But musically everyone is waiting for their next full length. How they construct their type of operatic metal indie music is just stunning. They also give it all on stage, pour their hearts out.