Biig Piig

The freestyler born out of a nomadic adolescence finding home in London’s creative scene.

(LEFT) Blazer MONKI, skirt TOPSHOP and boots CHURCH’S.

“It’s a stupid story really,” Biig Piig tells me when I ask where her mammalian stage name came from. “Me and my friend came back from a night out and we were like, ‘Let’s get a pizza!’ So we were going through a menu and they all had completely normal names and then we got to ‘big pig’ and it kind of shook us, like, ‘What the fuck is happening?’”

But even before seeing her future in the face of a pizza, 19-year-old Jess Smyth was never just average. Born in Ireland, she moved to sunny Spain at the age of four before heading to London to live out her teen-hood. It was during a six month interim before starting school in her new hometown that she first felt a pull towards music. “I picked up a guitar for the first time in those six months. I think you just get to a point of loneliness and in an isolated state, you do anything to keep yourself company and music kind of did that for me,” she explains.

Calling upon the experiences of her nomadic youth, her writing has a refined maturity that you wouldn’t expect to find in a talent still living out their teen years. Her most recent track, “24k” explores the intricacies of a youthful relationship, featuring fragmented rap layered over chilled melodies. “It’s about that point where you find joy in the tiny things you do together as a couple,” she explains. “I was living with a boyfriend at 17 and that was really intense. I think that’s the most beautiful thing ever.”

(LEFT) Top IRENE SJ YU, trousers ADIDAS Y3, shoes CHURCH’S and socks FALKE.
(LEFT) Top MGSM, trousers RECONSTRUCT and shoes CHURCH’S.

The video for the track, which showcases a relationship in hazy, gel-lit perfection, was created in collaboration with the Nine8 collective. The bunch of creatives work across diverse mediums, coming together to produce content in their respective industries – Biig Piig is just one name in the ever-expanding group. “I think it’s just mostly chatting about how we can combine everything and motivate each other and collaborate,” Smyth explains. “I’ve been working on this mixtape now and that’s going to be good. I think we’re still figuring it out to be honest, it’s still early days yet.”

Later this year, she’ll drop her first EP, the first in a trilogy that will chronicle her life so far. A musical biopic so to speak, the EP will come with accompanying visuals that will play an incremental part in the telling of Smyth’s story. “I feel like nowadays, people will listen 100 per cent but the way to communicate properly and fully, you have to have a [visual] story with it.” She plans to drop the second EP in quick succession, with an album on the horizon in the not too distant future. Despite all that she’s achieved so far, her main goal? “I mean, to move out of my parent’s house at least!” Modest, right? Biig Piig is worth indulging in.

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