The pop newcomer here to shake things up.

After premiering her debut music video for “Girls x Boys” earlier this week, we had to find out more about pop newcomer alice.

Bursting onto the scene with her musical intro “Hi My Name Is alice”, the blonde bombshell has been gaining buzz with her boundary-pushing pop stylings and we’re already sensing massive things for her future.

Eager to find out all we could, we sat down with the pop sensation to get the inside scoop.

Hey alice, how are you?

I’m doing fab! I’ve been in LA for the past couple of weeks finishing off songs so have been pretty busy. I love it out here but heard I missed the heatwave in England which sucks. I love a sunny London.

What have you been up to this week?

I went to Coachella on the weekend so to be honest I’ve been recovering from that. Lots of Berocca and naps! Beyonce was amazing. It was the first time I’ve seen her live and I was blown away. For me, she’s definitely the complete pop star.

So going back to the beginning, when did you first realise you wanted to be a pop star?

I don’t remember there being a light bulb moment as such, but my family are all very creative – my cousins and aunt were all ballerinas – so I’ve always been surrounded by the arts. I started imitating opera singers when I was super young because my parents used to listen to classical music. That’s when my mum was like “wow you have pipes on you – let’s do something about it!” Then at five I started to be in shows. When I got into my teens that’s when I’d start watching music videos by Britney and Christina or whoever and copy the dance routines in my living room. I’ve been in training for this job for a long time!

What would be your go-to shower songs? Who are your main inspirations?

Well, initially I’d copy the opera singers my mum used to play round the house, so that’s how I very first got into singing. I think that’s why I can sing pretty high. Then I progressed to singing pop songs – Whitney and Mariah big vocal ballads, Celine Dion and obvious things like that. Me and my manager always laugh actually because we both share a secret guilty Jessica Simpson pleasure! Bit of a random one but I was obsessed with her as a kid and would sing her songs all the time. That first album was actually pretty decent!

“I think the best kind of song is a dance song which makes you sad – like Robyn’s ‘With Every Heartbeat’. I pray I write one as good as that some day.”

You first popped onto the scene with your visual intro “My Name Is alice” which saw you as a spider. Can you tell us about the thoughts behind that?

The song was actually originally called “Wonderland” funnily enough! And maybe it still will be called that. There’s a whole other three minutes to that track which we haven’t released yet but I wanted to show from the off what I’m about as an artist and the “My Name Is alice” visual introduction felt like a good way of doing that. I’m all about the drama – high concepts for videos, dance routines, costumes. I love it all! Not necessarily helpful when it comes to keeping budgets down but hey, go big or go home!

You’ve said before that the spider represents the darker side of yourself. Is a “darkness” something that pop music is missing?

I think there is darkness in pop music – The Weeknd for example, Beyonce’s last couple of records some might be considered dark compared to her previous more poppier albums. But for me, the whole spider concept is more to do with showing a more dramatic and serious side. I can be really goofy a lot of the time, and sometimes shy depending on what mood I’m in, so the spider is me when I’m calling the shots, getting down to business and being a badass. Or at least trying to be. I think I have a good balance of songs to come which show all sides to me – fun and light and then dark and sad. I think the best kind of song is a dance song which makes you sad – like Robyn’s “With Every Heartbeat”. I pray I write one as good as that some day.

You dropped your debut track “Girls X Boys” last week. Can you tell us a bit about the message behind the track and its creation?

I love this song and so glad we kicked things off with it. I wrote it in Sweden last year. The track actually came from this amazing young producer called Liohn who is part of Sebastian Ingrosso from Swedish House Mafia’s publishing company. We share the same manager and when the track came through I knew I had to write a topline to it. So I went to Stockholm, got in a room with Kee who is Sebastian’s wife, my mentor and writing partner and a couple of other young great Swedish writers and we wrote the song pretty quickly. Originally it just referenced only straight relationships but I was like no way, we have to make this song about everyone.. being able to love who you want and how you want and not labelling it. I think it talks to a generation of people who luckily are more open minded and accepting than say, my grand parents generation and I love that. Plus, I just love dancing to this song. It’s got such a sick groove. And it’s short! In and out, that’s my style.

You paired it up with a brilliant new vid as well. What was your vision for the video?

Well, I knew I wanted it to feel raw and not feel like a typical glossy pop video so we looked for a director who had done more arty independent work and I’m so glad we went with Chris Turner aka “Favourite Colour Black”. He completely got the vision, found this amazing location in South London and then it was all about delivering a great performance which represented the lyrics. I have two brilliant dancers in it with me who were so fire and yeah, we just moved around from room to room performing and getting down and dirty. Followed by a nice romantic bath for three at the end. As you do. Lol.

What can we expect from you next?

The plan is release a lot more music over the coming months and hopefully people will like the songs and like what I’m about and we can build something exciting together. I’ve worked so hard for a lot of years to even get to this stage so I’m excited to build and progress. Hopefully I’ll get to travel a lot as I love visiting new places. That would be nice – got to clock up those air miles haha!

If there’s one thing you want people to know about alice, what would it be?

Hi, my name is alice. That’ll do for now.


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