Dropping her debut album today, we take a look at the “regular, degular, shmegular” girl’s best moments.

Cardi B is not only one of the most-talked-about hip-hop artist of the moment, but also one of the most successful women in music of the past year. Born and raised in the Bronx in New York City, Cardi debuted in the world of stripping aged 19. It was around this time that she started acquiring popularity all over the internet by Instagramming videos of herself, quickly winning over the hearts of millions with her quirky and refreshingly candid aura – as well as that infectious laugh.

It was then through the VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop that she definitely catapulted herself into the limelight. After dabbling in reality television, Cardi’s breakout single “Bodak Yellow” became the song of the summer, knocking Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” from its perch (no worries, Taylor and Cardi are sweet – Taylor even sent her flowers to congratulate her for her success).

Since then, Cardi has been nominated for two Grammy Awards, and released hit single “Bartier Cardi” (“I named it ‘Bartier Cardi’ because I didn’t want Cartier to sue me.” she confessed in an interview), as well as being featured on Bruno Mars “Finesse”.

Whether she is giving us her accapella rendition of the viral “For The Dick Challenge”, twerking on her new Bentley Truck or simply keeping it real with a brutally blunt rant, Cardi B is forever entertaining. In occasion of her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, which is out today, we have compiled a collection of some of our fave Cardi moments. So, strap in and keep some tissues close by because you are bound to shed tears from laughing uncontrollably.

1. That Jimmy Fallon interview.

Whilst promoting single “Bartier Cardi”, Cardi headed to the sofa on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in what was one of the most hilarious interviews we’ve seen in a while. Now watched over 16 million times on YouTube, Cardi is her brilliant self dropping quotable gems for days, discussing her engagement with Migos’ Offset (including showing off the huge engagement ring which we’re pretty sure is what the Titanic hit) and fully overpowering host Jimmy with her infectious personality. “Okuuuuuuur!”

2. That even-cheekier Grammys interview.

When interviewed by Guiliana Rancinc about “Bodak Yellow” being nominated for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance at the Grammys, Cardi made the best of the situation, churning out some of the funniest moments of the evening. When asked “How are you?”, the rapper announced, “Butterflies in my stomach and vagina.” But the most sipping-tea-moment arrived with Cardi’s response to rampant rumours, saying, “If y’all wanna know, ask me, I’ll tell you…” The only topic Cardi wasn’t hilarious about was her advice to young women with big dreams, urging, “Do whatever you have to do… Do it your way.” Cardi B is the hero we all need in 2018.

3. Her hilarious Super Bowl ad.

Cardi fills in for Alexa in a hilarious Super Bowl commercial that imagines what would happen if the Amazon device lost her voice. It all starts after the machine crashes, leading the Amazon team to quickly gather a star-made replacement team to substitute for Alexa in the meantime. But the people who have been tasked with covering for Alexa can’t believe some of the requests coming their way, and Cardi even taunts one user who innocently asks her how far away Mars is. “How far is Mars!?” Cardi exclaims as she covers for Alexa while getting ready inside her huge, walk-in closet. “Well how am I supposed to know, I’ve never been there!” Cardi laughs. “This guy want to go to Mars!” She shouts at one of her stylists. “There’s not even oxygen there!” Well, she’s not wrong…

4. Becoming the standout star of Love & Hip Hop.

Let’s step back to the origins for a moment. Appearing on Love & Hip Hop Season 6, the platform where she found definitive success, Cardi was turning heads even in the promo vid. She says she’s just a “regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx,” and back in April of 2016, the rapper tells “Amurica” she has decided to listen to the people (“for the first time because I don’t be listenin’ to y’all”) and has chosen to run for president, where her first duty as commander in chief would be making sure people could use food stamps to buy McDonalds, “because that is so annoying that you can only buy food from the store and seafood with food stamps.” We’re all for Cardi 2020.

5. When “Bodak Yellow” hit number one.

This reaction video is a testament to Cardi’s success and her entire being. Between the near nip slip, the inaudible mumbling and her genuinely addictive energy, how can you not love this woman? She keeps it all the way real and has fun while doing so, and that’s honestly enviable. And she’s also only one of five female rappers EVER to hit that top spot. We’d be screaming too, TBH.

6. Calling out the BS on Twitter.

Other than on Instagram, she’s also a lively presence on Twitter, where she drops genuine pearls of wisdom, from a comment on double standards between men and women (“I don’t understand why man hate on woman sooo much ? Do you guys want to suck and fuck the dicks us woman d ? Cause it seems like it when yaaa show sooo much hate on a bitch”), to a sharp remark on Trump (“Sooo it just hit me… Donald Trump is a evil villain”) and a proactive solution to bullying (“i’m so Sad and angry like I’m OD hot Please teach your kids not to be bullies. Teach them how to be tough but not too pick on others”).

7. Invasion of Privacy

Cardi’s debut album is one of the most highly-anticipated of this whole year, and it does not disappoint. Full of absolute bangers, cutting bars and some incredible features, in short, your bitch wanna party with Cardi…

Maria Jabal

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