An introduction to your new go-to denim fave.

Formed with one mission in mind: “for our jeans to be your favourite jeans”, the London-based babes behind Saltspin have been crafting luxury denim for over two decades. Using the best Italian materials around, the house pride themselves on everything – from zippers to trims – being top class.

Saltspin are also in the process of making their denim completely eco-friendly. With their collection going through five years of development, each piece uses BCI cotton to create clothes that are undeniably comfortable and ethically friendly. The strikingly unique colours and patterns are also down to their use of laser cutting on their jeans – which use less water and less harmful colours – so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will not only look incred in this collection, but you’ll also be doing something good.

With every piece designed with you in mind, Saltspin are dedicated to making each look undeniably individual, unique and completely gorgeous. If their mission is to make their jeans our favourite jeans, they’re certainly well on their way to achieving it.

Theresa Marx
Robyn Kotze