House of V and HEAVEN PLEASE+ are amongst those tapped by the showcase for LFW.

When it comes to a fashion week presentation, sampling a designer’s most personal thoughts and feels are perhaps the ultimate experience; beyond the showcase of aesthetic expression (read: the garments), it’s the unveiling of an artist’s vision that properly moves us.

Hence why we’re so taken with Fashion Hong Kong, an initiative not unlike the BFC, putting on a group show as part of London Fashion Week tomorrow: an opportunity to see, feel and experience multiple designers at once? Well it beats Friday night TV.

Amongst the line-up, four of Hong Kong’s most exciting fashion labels – House of V, Maison Vermillion, Heaven Please+ and Methodolgy. Each exploring a different visual identity, we spoke to the aforementioned to find out what makes them.


What sparked your initial interest in fashion?

We are both art lovers to the core. Making art is something that has always been on our minds and what better way to achieve this than creating wearable art!

You draw influence from outside of fashion – like music and literature. Can you tell us about that?

We are definitely inspired by literature and music – two overwhelming forces that trigger our imagination and creative thinking. Taking our AW16 collection “Malan” as an example, the collection was developed from our own original novel of the same name, a love story of a 19-year-old girl, Malan. The collection became an interpretation of the story’s plot line, as well as a tribute to the characters. Our SS17 collection was a salute to the renowned Icelandic singer, Björk.

The brand promotes individuality. Why is this message so essential?

We want to create a brand that inspires our audience to be brave enough to have their own style; to tell their own story, and most importantly, to be their true self.

Maison Vermillion

How would you describe the Maison Vermillion design aesthetic?

Romantic, Poetic, Edgy.

The the brand’s essence centres on female empowerment and rebellion. Why is this message so important for you? 

In my view, rebellion is essential to creativity – we should not have to conform to the society ‘norm’. Unfortunately many women across the world have been oppressed and are unable to communicate freely, so my collection celebrates women’s freedom to live and love without restriction.

And what can we expect from you next?

I am currently designing an accessories collection to add to the core RTW line, and am also passionate about working with charities and supporting them in whichever way I can.

House of V

What did your initial interest in fashion come from?

I love exploring and creating new things from scratch, as well as pursuing beautiful things. Fashion to me is like a performance stage for showcasing my ideas and thoughts.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Functional, minimalist, conceptual. My designs are considered practical and wearable, with a strong focus on details and the overall cut. It is minimalist yet with a twist for seeking attention – full of edgy mix-and-match colours, textures and details with an unexpected silhouette. You can find a lot of reinterpretations on a simple silhouette in my collections.

What messages do you wish to convey, or would you like women to feel when wearing your designs?

The House of V woman is confident, independent and individualistic. Instead of being a follower of fashion, she is setting the path for the rest.


How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Romantic rock; full of contrasts and the mix-and-match of textures.

At its core the brand promotes reinvention (the notion of Cubism for example). Why is this important to you to explore?

Cubism is considered one of the most influential art movements of the 20th century – not only moving European painting and sculpture forward toward modern art, but also inspiring related movements in other cultural fields such as literature and architecture. I hope that people understand the value of reinvention, which ultimately changes the world!

And which other messages do you wish to convey with the label?

Like many other fashion designers, I hope that my designs help to boost one’s self-confidence and more importantly, stimulate creativity. By mixing and matching our pieces, our women can be their very own stylists and dare to express themselves through fashion.

Amel Meghraoua

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