Don’t call him your boyfriend until these 10 things happen.

Almost relationships are exactly how they sound, and quite frankly they suck!

Maybe you’ve been dating for several months and you’ve even met their friends and family – but something isn’t quite right about your relationship. You can’t put your finger on it but you know you deserve more from the guy you’re dating. You may tell yourself things will get better but hear it from us, you can’t call him your boyfriend when there isn’t commitment from his side.

Instead of focusing on him, focus on yourself and what you expect from a relationship. You have a say in this too – so make sure he does these 10 things before you call him your boyfriend:

1. He Shares Your interests & Passions

Being compatible may sound obvious but you’d be amazed how many relationships end because they had very little in common. If you’re into fitness but your love interest only does Netflix marathons, this is likely to be an issue in the future. Sharing interests and passions is what helps us to bond and from relationships. If you think you’re on a different planet from each other maybe check out dating app, Huggle, which matches you to like-minded people. Simply swipe through people who you have places in common with or tap on a location you’ve visited to see who else goes there. Pretty genius if you ask us!

2. He Actually Plans Dates

If he’s actively making plans to see you this is a great sign he’s keen to develop your relationship further. Whether it’s dinner or a random fun activity, everyone deserves to be with someone who wants to treat and spend time with them.

3. He’s Honest

If he communicates exactly what’s on his mind and what he wants, then he’s a keeper. A lot of men struggle to be upfront with their emotions or where their head is at, so if he’s open and honest this is a great sign. Someone who is too vague is not worth your time – you need to be with someone who has the guts to tell you how it is.

4. He Can End An Evening With Grace

Watch how he reacts after you’ve spent an evening together. Does he demand he stays at yours or does he give you a goodnight kiss with plans of another date on the cards? If he is polite and graceful then he’s definitely boyfriend material. If he’s demanding or obnoxious, get rid of him.

5. He Deletes Huggle

As soon as he deletes all of his dating apps thats when you’ll know if he’s serious about you or not. No one should be swiping when they’re getting pretty serious with someone.

6. He supports your career

He gets that you love your job and your career is important to you. If he questions why you’re always working or moans that you spend too much time at the office, this could be a sign he’s needy and not supportive. Make it clear from the beginning your career is everything to you. If he’s cool with it, then you’ve got a good guy by your side. If he’s not, then say goodbye!

7. He’s More Fun Than Stressful

People in your life need to add something good, not make your life more stressful. If you don’t have fun whilst spending time together this is something you need to question. If you’re not having the time of your life, then you’re better off being single!

8. There’s A Genuine Spark

If you both work well together and make each other happy, then you are onto a winning relationship. If you feel you are forcing yourself to enjoy his company, then stop kidding yourself. Having a real spark and connection should be natural.

9. His Friends And Family Know You Are Together

If his friends and family call him your girlfriend, then this is a huge sign that he views you as his significant other. If you’re part of his world then he needs to not hide you and show you off. Who wouldn’t be proud to have you next to them? If he isn’t stepping up to the mark, then reconsider your options. #boybye

10. He Sees A Future With You

We’re not suggesting he should be getting down on one knee and proposing but you should at least expect him to make plans with you. Whether that’s a holiday together or going to his family wedding. Listen to what he says, if he’s making plans in the long-run then the future is likely to be bright for the both of you.

If he doesn’t do any of the above, download Huggle and get yourself a new man!


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