A brief introduction to the hypnotising new talent…

Jacket MISBHV, bustier CLIO PEPPIATT, jewellery MILLIE’S OWN

Jacket MISBHV, bustier CLIO PEPPIATT, jewellery MILLIE’S OWN

At only 17 years old, Millie Turner is already proving herself as a name to look out for. Bursting onto the scene with last year’s debut track “Underwater”, the pulsating electronic soundscape cut by her delicate folk-tinged vocals and youthful lyricism immediately had us aware she was about to be making waves. Yep, that was an obvious water pun. Don’t @ us.

Returning with follow-up “Eyes on You”, the sophomore track saw her repping skills in the craft of pop beauties, while latest bop “The Shadow” proves that Millie can (and will) write your new fave club banger; each brilliantly unique, each boasting Turner’s mesmerising voice alongside an electrifying youthful quality that runs to their core.

Our only taste of her music so far, the three tracks are evidence that this east London songwriter is destined for greatness and set to take 2018 by storm. So we caught up with her to find out all there is to know.

What music did you listen to growing up?

I’ve always had a really broad taste in music, but I mainly grew up with a lot of Lily Allen – who I was completely obsessed with – and female UK artists like Paloma Faith and Florence and the Machine. My mum would also play a lot 70s soul, so a lot of Aretha Franklin, who is still a super important artist for me.

When did you decide that that’s what you wanted to do?

I hadn’t ever considered going into music, it more just kind of happened, very unexpectedly. Singing itself wasn’t something I really thought of sharing with anyone. Even a year ago when we started writing I never expected it to go anywhere. It came as a complete surprise which is pretty cool and definitely made it more exciting.

Where do you find the most inspiration for your music?

It’s definitely a personal thing, writing and making music. I think inspiration comes from everywhere, especially living in Hackney which is such a creative space. I think you can be inspired by super small and very mundane things, like maybe a small moment you spend with a random person or something. I think inspiration is everywhere, I wouldn’t say it has to be a highly dramatic experience like heartbreak or something like that for it be inspirational or emotional.

You’ve been compared to the likes of Björk and Maggie Rogers with your songwriting style. What it’s like to be compared to such incredible artists? And how would you describe your songwriting style?

I have literally the highest respect for both of them on every level, so to be compared to them is such a privilege. The fact that people feel moved to that level of creativity is definitely the highest of compliments. Songwriting is an emotional experience because it’s coming from a side of you you don’t really expose in any other way. Me and David Turley do a lot of songwriting together, and it usually starts with a random conversation about something that’s happened or something we’re interested in. It comes so much more naturally than picking a topic or something.

So, “Underwater” was your debut track. What made you want this to be your introduction to the music world?

“Underwater” was the first song I ever wrote so it made a lot of sense to start off with it. In that sense it’s a really important song to me as it’s like the starting point of this cool creative process.

Jacket and dress TOPSHOP, T-shirt MIMI WADE, jumper JOHN SMEDLEY, jewellery MILLIE’S OWN

Jacket and dress TOPSHOP, T-shirt MIMI WADE, jumper JOHN SMEDLEY, jewellery MILLIE’S OWN

How did it come into being?

The track was written a day after Trump’s election, which isn’t related to the song, but we felt like we had to write something positive and empowering. The idea behind the song is the concept of escaping and dreaming big. The sea for me is just the most empowering thing and acts as a reminder of us belonging to a bigger picture, which I thought was really empowering.

Your second track was “Eyes on You”. How does this compare to “Underwater”?

I think both songs are very different, both in the style and the actual meaning. Both are super chilled out but “Eyes on You” is much sadder compared to “Underwater” and it’s meaning is much more weird and abstract. The difference I think is cool though, and definitely makes it more interesting to listen to I feel.

It definitely shows off your folk and electronic influences. What pulls you towards this kind of music?

I love the simplicity of the production. The lyrics are super important to me in this song so the simple acoustic production really makes the lyrics heard more and makes it more impactful.

What was the inspiration for the track?

I wrote it in a museum while I was waiting in a queue. I just started writing thoughts. It was a factory museum and made me think of this idea of breaking down something then building it up, which I used in the poem. The idea of the song is about acceptance of vulnerability which I think can be easily undermined. The song itself is quite personal, mainly because it comes from a poem that was never intended to be shared.

What can you tell us about your new track, “The Shadow”?

It’s a story of a girl who decides to go on this journey by herself and starts walking. She’s walking with her shadow, reflecting on the internal empowerment and acceptance of her inner-creativity.

Cool. So what are you working on now and what’s up next?

At the moment we’re working on all sorts of tracks. It’s super exciting because there are so many ideas for songs and things we could do with them. I’m really looking forward to sharing them. I wouldn’t say there is an end goal though, I’m just hoping to enjoy making more music, but I’m definitely super excited to see where it goes.

T-shirt MIMI WADE, jacket and trousers TOPSHOP, hat NICOPANDA, jewellery MILLIE’S OWN

T-shirt MIMI WADE, jacket and trousers TOPSHOP, hat NICOPANDA, jewellery MILLIE’S OWN
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