The songs we have on repeat right now.

HAUS – “Shameless”

Tottenham based quintet HAUS have been shaking things up for a while now. Dropping their fantastic “Say What You Say” EP last year, the guys released latest track “Shameless” last week and it’s well worth the wait. Tackling anxiety and depression, the song is a powerful and poignant return, detailing frontman Ashley’s own experience with mental health. Bold and beautiful, it’s the latest piece of confirmation as to why the five-piece have so much hype surrounding them, and is an exciting nod towards what’s to come this year.

George Ezra – “Paradise”

On Friday it was noticeably warmer and the sun was shining and we may not be scientists but we’re pretty sure it’s no coincidence that that was the same day George Ezra returned with a new song and finally told us when we’ll be getting a new record (break to breathe). Unveiling his sophomore album title Staying at Tamara’s – set to drop on 23 March – our fave singer-songwriter also shared new bop “Paradise”. Speaking on it Young Geoff says, “‘Paradise’ started life as a melody that I couldn’t get out of my head… Months later I set to writing a song highlighting the undeniable feeling of meeting somebody new and falling for them. We often find ourselves second guessing feelings that we have and trying to work out what it is that they might mean. But with love there is no uncertainty, it is what it is and I liken it to paradise.”

Mabel feat. Not3s – “Fine Line”

Coming together for what is one of the most fire-emoji worthy collabs we’ve heard in a while, “Fine Line” sees Mabel and Not3s join forces to create a certified banger. Exploring the beginning stages of a relationship, it’s a fun and flirty track that you’ll have in your head the whole week. In Mabel’s own words she says, “’Fine Line’ is a playful track that I wrote about that fun phase at the beginning of a relationship when you’re trying to figure each other out. It’s about getting lost in something without losing yourself completely and how that’s exciting but also dangerous.”

Hockey Dad – “I Wanna Be Everybody”

Aussie surf-rock babes Hockey Dad are about to steal your heart. Releasing latest track “I Wanna Be Everybody”, the blissful bop is a new taste of their upcoming sophomore album Blend Inn and it’ll make you fall in love with their laid-back vibes. Detailing those feelings of “being a bit uncomfortable in scenarios where people just seem so relaxed and worry-free,” the song shines with the kind of sun-soaked scuzzy riffs that are infectiously charming.

Geowulf – “Sunday”

Wishing it was still the weekend? Yeah, us too. Luckily Geowulf‘s stunningly dreamy new track “Sunday” is the perfect accompaniment to daydreaming about the weekend. The latest glimpse at what wonders their forthcoming debut, Great Big Blue will hold, the band describe the track as “a little cruiser of a song meant to make you feel all the good things.”

Ought – “Disgraced in America”

Montreal four-piece Ought are back with another beauty. Sharing “Disgraced In America”, the fab new song is the latest piece of indie-rock brilliance to be taken from the group’s upcoming third LP Room Inside the World. Accompanied it, a stunning animated video directed by Heather Rappard, shot in 15-second bursts over three weeks. She says, “I wanted to create a video that morphed and visually changed in the same ways the song does: in the beginning, working with the bright guitar sound and the illustrative qualities of the lyrics, then moving into the abstract at the bridge’s breakdown, to the ending where it completely changes, becoming much noisier and darker with the percussion, spacey synths, and ringing guitar hits.”

Hinds – “New For You”

Spanish quartet Hinds spoiled us last week with the announcement of their long-awaited second album I Don’t Run as well as the release of new track, “New For You”. Full of hypnotising indie melodies and lyrics that you can tell sound best when sang at the top of your lungs, it’s an intriguing glimpse into what their sophomore album will hold. “We loved making this album,” guitarist and co-vocalist Ana Perrote says. “We knew what we wanted and we have what we wanted. This is a new start for us and we’re fucking ready.” As are we.

Nick J.D. Hodgson – “Don’t Forget To Go To Sleep”

Former Kaiser Chief and mastermind behind loads of your fave songs, Nick J.D. Hodgson is getting us even more excited for the release of his debut solo album, Tell Your Friends on Friday, with the release of a new song. “Don’t Forget To Go To Sleep” is a dreamy Tame Impala-esque track dealing with those irrational fears you get just as you’re about to go to sleep. “This song came really early in the writing process,” Nick explains. “It’s become my favourite because I love the way it sounds, it’s pretty different to everything else on the album. In a way I think it’s pointing towards where the next record will go.”

Whenyoung – “Pretty Pure”

Limerick hons Whenyoung have returned with their latest track “Pretty Pure” and it’s the bitingly beautiful piece of punk-tinged pop we’ve been waiting for. Released by YALA! Records, label founder (and former Maccabee) Felix White says, “We are so proud to be putting out the first Whenyoung 7”, firstly because it’s pretty miraculous for a band to be making such infectious pop music at such an early stage, but also because they have the rare touch of subtly letting you know there will also be so much more to come.” We couldn’t agree more, Felix.

Weslee – “Tongue Tied”

Releasing their fourth single last week, Weslee are once again proving why they are ones to watch out for. A glistening slice of pop from the transatlantic pair, “Tongue Tied” gorgeously weaves together electronic and R&B elements to create a completely hypnotising song. Soaked in the same mystique that the anonymous duo have IRL, it’s an exciting look at what the pair have cooked up for this year.


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