The third edition of True Music will take in Russia, Lebanon, Spain and Brazil.

It’s fascinating to see the impact of music as a universal connecter. The fact is most of us are no longer remaining in our single-track cultural mode any longer – and as people travel, perspectives grow. As far as art forms go, music is pretty powerful in its ability to stir the senses or even transcend boundaries between us; add a drink in hand, and you’re set for a memorable night out. This is the spirit within which Boiler Room and Ballantine’s continue their ongoing partnership with their latest tri-continental event, True Music: Hybrid Sounds. In aiming to unveil what happens when music from four of the most culturally diverse cities – Moscow, Sao Paulo, Beirut and Valencia – collides with electronic genres, the producers sat down to discuss with us their respective visions.

From helping to support artists by turning them into collaborations – to helping people discover new forms of music they usually wouldn’t gravitate towards – it’s safe to say the event is a pure win-win for both fans and artists alike. As Tom Elton, Head of Music at Ballantine explains, “True Music is fundamentally about creating a platform that gives any artist – whether they are emerging, or high profile, and across any genre or stage – a platform to get up in front of an audience. We’ve put on amazing moments and experiences, and worked with some incredible people. I mean if they are authentic and genuine – we will give them a stage.”

Now in its third year, Boiler Room x Ballantine’s latest True Music project goes even further than previous episodes, pairing producers with not only artists they’ve never worked with before, but ones they may never have otherwise crossed paths with. “To build platforms and build experiences that people can come to, build artist’s careers and also build a legacy… for me that’s the most exciting thing about this,” reflects Steven Appleyard, Chief Business Development Officer at Boiler Room of the journey. “I want people to come and experience new types of music…especially making it about hybrid sounds and electro-collaborations, I think those places are ones where collaboration and experimentation is inherent to the contemporary music scene.”

True Music: Hybrid Sounds will see local musicians in each of the cities on the international tour creating exclusive new tracks that surpass the perception of modern day genres. The line-up includes London-based brothers Overmono, performing under their joint moniker in Russia, French musician rRoxymore in Brazil, renowned Bulgarian producer and DJ KiNK in Spain, and Dutch innovator Dollkraut, whose unique style of lo-fi house and electro-disco defies categorisation. With a chance to speak with the latter about his involvement in the project, Dollkraut fervently told us that he’s “always been inspired by all kinds of music… I went from black metal, to therapy, to classical stuff and back. And for me, this event was a pretty obvious choice. It’s my cup of tea, so when I got the invite, I was instantly like “yes, let’s do this.”

Alongside these partnerships, the story behind each collaboration will be brought to life through behind-the-scenes documentaries featuring intimate performances and “making of” footage; be sure to keep them eyes peeled for that. Can’t quite wait? Keep updated here.


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