Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty take us underground.

Night At The Museum

Taking place at the Natural History Museum, Cottweiler’s AW18 line-up was always going to need to be exhibit worthy. Luckily Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty fully delivered with a bold and captivating collection, shining perfectly against the minerals, gemstones and rocks in the surrounding Earth’s Treasury gallery.

Sound Of The Underground

Influenced by a caving expedition Cottrell and Dainty took last year in Slovenia, this season’s collection saw the duo take us underground. Incorporating elements from their trip, the pair included classic pieces of kit such as harnesses, carabiners and spotlights. These accessories added an extra bit of wonder to the exciting collection, which was in mostly blues, blacks and greys and leant towards the label’s well tuned sports/streetwear vibe. Perfect if you wanna still look good whilst exploring the wild or, you know, watching Netflix at home…

Waxing Lyrical

Not only was the models’ hair waxed to an extent that even season one Ross Geller wouldn’t dare to reach, but wax was used in an extremely striking way to, once again, give a call back to caving. Dripping around shoe soles, from bags and from harnesses, the wax resembled the stalactites and stalagmites that those who were ever dragged to Wookey Hole on a school trip will remember vividly. Cracking and shattering as the models walked down the runway, it was a stunning sight and fully shows how Cottrell and Dainty are creating a new depth to their work.