For those of you who, like us, have left it all until the absolute final hour…

Look, Christmas is a busy time okay? Between being horrifically hungover from various Christmas parties and desperately trying to finish off the work you were meant to have completed at the end of November (“deadlines” are more like “guidelines” right?), by the time you have any time to yourself in which you probs should be buying xmas presents, it’s a lot easier to stick on Love Actually and pass out amongst a good ol’ Tesco cheese selection. We know which one we’d rather be doing.

But in order to keep in the fam’s good books and, you know, to not ruin Christmas, we’ve got some last minute gift options for you to grab between cheese comas and some little things we’ve been loving this year, in case you wanna treat yourself.


Happy Socks

Kicking off our list with a Christmas classic, you can never really go wrong with getting someone a pair of socks. But don’t settle for those run-of-the-mill ones you swept up off the floor of Primark in a daze, Happy Socks are the go-to sock guys. Coming in a huge variety of styles – our personal faves are the spotty variety – be sure to grab a multipack so there’s something for everyone.

OnePlus 5T Phone

If ya wanna really splash out on a loved one this Christmas, why not give them a brand new phone to fully establish yourself as the fave family member? Our recommendation would be the brand new OnePlus 5T, which is super beaut and super incredible, combining powerful hardware and intelligent software to make it one of the top smartphones in the game right now. Also it fully charges in half an hour so you can keep all your pals jel with snaps of your fab festivities.

NoviConnected Suitcase

We’d be lying if we said we don’t want that rom-com worthy moment of opening a card and plane tickets falling out this Christmas, and if you’re lucky enough to have this happen to you, you’re gonna need a sleek new suitcase to go along with it, right? Well, InCase have your back. Introducing their latest NoviConnected 4 Travel Roller, which not only looks fab, comes in loads of different colours and is super spacious, but also has a battery pack so you’ll never be out of power. Perfect for any weekend getaway.

Tequila Enemigo

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Christmas isn’t really Christmas without alcohol. And although we’re normally more inclined to kick back with a mulled wine or several glasses of prosecco, if you really wanna get the party started look no further than Tequila Enemigo. Crafted in Mexico, the tequila is brewed for three years to give it that gorgeous mix of spice and fruity flavours. Best sipped from champagne flutes, you can still feel classy even when all Monopoly games become particularly heated after a few glasses…

Lola James Harper Candle

Another Christmas present rule you can always abide by: if in doubt, get ’em a candle. But if you’re gonna go for a candle, shake it up a bit with a snazzy Lola James Harper model. The cult candle makers always hit the nail on the head, with our personal fave being 11 The Coffee Shop Of J.P.. Bound to have your home smelling incredible, we suggest a little browse of all the different scents or, better yet, buying a few…

Frame Diamond Ruffle Blouse

The ideal gift for the most fashionable woman in your life, Frame’s Diamond Ruffle Long Sleeve Blouse is about to rise to the top of your list. Inspired by the “dressed up casual” way of living that style icons of the 60s embodied, it’s a timeless classic perfect for anyone always eager to serve a #lewk.

Duppy Share Rum

For a bit of a change up on warming crimbo drinks, The Duppy Share Rum is taking on mulled wine as our new fave festive beverage. The ideal thing to create the perfect hot punches, The Duppy Share have honed their craft in making the best rum around, blending a mix of flavours to create a drink so delicious you’ll probably never wanna drink anything again… Probably.

It’s Coming on Christmas

If you wanna listen to something incredible and also do something good this year, life-saving breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! have just released their new Christmas album, It’s Coming on Christmas and it’s chockablock full of festive bangers by all of your faves. With all proceeds going directly to CoppaFeel!, it’s the perfect album to put on this Christmas; for a good cause and bloody brilliant too.


Look, we all have “go to the gym more” as our New Year’s resolution but sometimes you need that extra bit of motivation. So what about grabbing an outfit that you’ll actually love wearing (c ya later, lycra) and picking up some pieces from RON DORFF, so you have no more excuses? Not only is it super comfortable and great looking, but it’s actually gym appropriate and won’t result in any awkward rips mid-lunge (we’ve all been there, dw).

Duane Michals: Portraits

For the first time ever, the highly acclaimed editorial photographer Duane Michals has put together a collection of all of his beautiful photography, with photos spanning more than half a century. Full of portraits of all your faves – from Johnny Cash to Tilda Swinton – it’s a stunning collection of celeb pics that’ll quickly become your guests’ favourite coffee table piece.


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