The quartet take us through the Aussie artists we should know about.

Brisbane-based indie-pop hons Cub Sport are gonna make you want to pack a bag and move Down Under. Seriously. Dropping their sophomore album Bats earlier this year, the group showcased a beautiful record full of synth-pop stylings and gorgeous songwriting that’ll give you that warm fuzzy feeling only the clear-blue beaches of Straya can.

Showing off the, frankly, amazingness that Aussie bands have to offer, the four-piece below bring us a playlist of the Australian bands we should really already know about. Perfect for a bit of sunshine before Christmas sets in, stand next to your radiator on full blast and tune in now…

Mallrat – “Better”

This song feels like pure sunshine. It’s floaty and light but hits heavy. It’s super fresh but has a sense of nostalgia that makes it feel timeless. It really does make me feel better with every listen.

Kllo – “Downfall”

Kllo manages to create something completely serene and peaceful that’s also brimming with energy. The vocals are super warm as they glide over the top of exciting, light beats that remind me of a blissed out Jamie xx.

Cloud Control – “Zone (This Is How It Feels)”

Cloud Control have been one of my favourite bands for years. Their sound keeps developing and I love every step of their evolution – this new album is more blissful than ever before. The first time I listened to this song I remember being in love with it, then it got to 1:00 and I felt like the world had completely opened up around me.

Pool Shop – “How Long”

This song is like the musical equivalent of a pure white, giant, glowing eagle gliding through the Grand Canyon – it makes my heart soar. Listening to this song is like being taken to a lighter, higher dimension and being sung to by an actual angel.

JOY. – “Smoke Too Much”

JOY. is possibly the most talented producer and vocalist in Australia right now. I feel like we’re holding onto the best kept secret at the moment but it won’t be long until she experiences the world domination she deserves. “Smoke Too Much” is smooth and vibey at the same time as being a complete banger.

Middle Kids – “Never Start”

Hannah’s voice is unlike anybody else’s – it’s raw and honest and painfully beautiful. We had the pleasure of touring with them earlier this year and we can’t speak highly enough of them as musicians or people. Hangin’ out for their debut album!

Hatchie – “Sure”

Hatchie is one of the most exciting artists coming out of Australia right now. Her music feels effortless and euphoric at the same time as being super emotional. There’s something about the way her heavenly vocals and guitar shimmer and glimmer together, it’s like magic.


Baro is world class. When I listen to his latest release, “Just Problems You Need To Know” EP, I feel like he’s up in the realm of legends like Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator and Kendrick Lamar while presenting a completely unique vibe and sound.

Golden Vessel – “Shoulders” feat. Elkkle & Mallrat

Golden Vessel is one of the most innovative artists in Australia right now. It’s like he’s operating at a higher level and his creative vision shines light on unexplored parts of the universe. This song is the epitome of fresh to me.

HTMLflowers – “Chrome Halo” feat. Banofee

Before the vocals even come in, the production on this track is intensely emotive and unique. It’s like every part of it hits this deep part of your heart. You can feel the agony behind it – it’s an experience in itself. It’s genuine and effortless and I adore Banoffee’s feature.