The exciting newcomer drops her sleek new experimental pop number.

On the day when our Lord and Saviour Charli XCX has dropped her new mixtape (sidenote: “Pop 2” is non-stop bangers), it’s only right that the only music we plug today is that by equally badass pop babes. So let us introduce you to your new fave, Azusena.

Releasing her first two tracks via Soundcloud a few years ago, the British-American artist was always destined for greatness with her mum being Prince collaborator and former pop sensation, Jill Jones, and her dad the male supermodel, Cameron Alborzian (talk about incredible genes, eh?).

Already having a fantastic 2017, she dropped the glitchy and gorgeous “Better” along with the cinematically sultry “Red Sky” earlier this year; fully establishing herself as a master in melodic minimalism and hypnotic lo-fi sounds, she’s now releasing her latest track “Shiva”…

“’Shiva’ represents male energy that have been around me and changed me as a woman,” Azusena says of the song. Championing female empowerment, the song is a warm and captivating experimental pop sizzler, showcasing the 23-year-old’s luscious vocals.

An exciting glimpse at what she can do, 2018 is set to see Azusena claim her rightful place among pop royalty.