The Transylvanian talent drops some new visuals.

Swedish porn mags, microwavable sushi, and enviable dance moves – what more could you want in a new music video, eh? Turns out not a lot, as Jinka’s latest video has all of this and it’s an aesthetic masterpiece.

An off-kilter pop banger full of plonky synth sounds and waves of electronics, Jinka’s delicate vocals soar over the alt-pop melodies. “I wrote the track when I was sick and had to stay in bed but actually just wanted to go out into the world and do stuff.” The producer/songwriter says. “Suddenly all my creative energy turned into something destructive that would keep me from recovering. The big question being asked in ‘Shock Mounted’ is: Will you ever be 100% prepared for the events that are about to kick in? There’s always agents you can’t possibly take into account. It’s all about how you deal with this loss of control. I figured out for myself that you should never perceive randomness or the unexpected as some sort of threat. It might actually open up space for the new.”

Dropping the accompanying visuals today, the vid is just as wonderfully weird as the song itself. Directed by Ossian Melin and set in a pastel-drenched room, we see Jinka microwaving sushi, flipping through porn mags, and busting some moves in front of an oversized Carl Larsson painting. Sounds like a pretty good way to spend your Wednesday morning, right?