…and announces a new design partnership with Krause Architects and Ai Build.

Forget hoverboards, flying cars and household robots – in 2017 something much more glamorous, courtesy of luxury label Bottletop: sustainable design, an exciting new partnership, and a London flagship store too.

Announced today, the Emma Watson fave (naming a bag after the actress, the feeling’s clearly mutual), Bottletop has hooked up with Krause Architects and Ai Build for a special ecological design partnership, which begins with the aforementioned residency on London’s famed shopping mecca, Regent Street.

Pretty groundbreaking as firsts go, the shop boasts the title of world’s first zero waste store design, and has an interior that champions the use of waste plastic and advanced KUKA robots. “For the first time, visitors to our store will be able to witness the sustainable use of this technology first hand while shopping the Bottletop collection and learning about the mission of the brand,” notes co-founder Oliver Wyman.

Inspired by Paolo Zilli, the 3D printed store concept is a world first, and, Bottletop is no doubt proud to confirm, contributes to a broader positive ecosystem. A work in progress, the space’s final appearance will take two months to complete we’re told; a bespoke in-store scent from the perfumer Timothy Han and similarly unique series of playlists from producer Mario C will also feature. See you down there?