The scintillating new vid.

“The song connects me to my South American roots through my mothers’ Latino feminine character which she passed down to me.” Malena Zavala says of her beautiful song, “If It Goes”. “That fire is one of my only perceptions of my roots and I had a definite fear of losing that growing up in a different country/in a different culture. It wouldn’t be me if I lost it.”

The follow-up to her debut track “Should I Try”, the ode to Malena’s mother is a hazy, dreamy track that will completely hypnotise you. Now dropping the accompanying video, it’s an equally as mesmerising affair.

Speaking on the vid, she says: “I wanted this project to be more about the experience of collaborating with an all female group of creatives and filmmakers and that being represented through the work. I approached a good friend of mine who leads a dance collective called Girlbandcalledthrush to help me create the idea behind the video. Thrush encourage the discussion about female intimate issues that are often not spoken about or are considered taboo, so I thought this was perfect. We then gathered a team of awesome filmmakers to help us film it. It was such a great time on the shoot, the atmosphere was really lovely and chill which was the exact thing we wanted to create in the video.”

Check it out now…