George van den Broek on his fave songs.

If you’re not already listening to (and subsequently falling deeply in love with) 18-year-old George van den Broek – aka Yellow Days – you’re thoroughly missing out. Having made waves with last year’s debut EP “Harmless Melodies”, his stunning songwriting and unique vocals have established him as a creative force to be reckoned with. And this has been only further highlighted with the release of his brilliant new album Is Everything Okay In Your World? which dropped last week.

An incredible record, each track has been expertly crafted and is will completely transport you as soon as you hear it. Eager to find out what inspired him, we got George to put together a playlist of all his fave songs that he listened to when making the album. Check it out now…

Pond – “O Dharma”

Big tune for me growing up, massive psychedelic rock tune. Always amazing listen.

Tyler, The Creator – “Lone”

One of my favourite Tyler tunes, feel this one went under the radar. So gripping and emotional, get goose bumps every time towards the end.

Redman – “Tonight’s Da Night”

Just an absolute classic no words needed.

HOMESHAKE – “I Don’t Wanna”

Beautiful guitar sounds, such a jam. Big big fan.

Jeru The Damaja – “Come Clean”

Outrageous hip-hop tune, has to be one of my favourites of all time.

The JuJu Exchange – “Morning Of”

Beautiful jazz tune, pianist is on some mad shit. The fake drop followed by real drop, disgustingly hard.

Mild High Club – “Kokopelli”

Mad props, insane synth usage and jazz inflection.

Delegation – “Oh Honey”

Incredible R&B soul tune, surely one of the best.

Moonchild – “Doors Closing”

Jizz-tastic chords! Aha I’m sorry, running out of adjectives here. Female D’Angelo?

The Outlaw Blues Band – “Deep Gully”

One of the main Cypress Hill samples. If you have a taste for blues, this will get you tinglin’.

Rejjie Snow – “Olga (1984)”

Rejjie nailing some shit back in 2013, not to be forgotten.