The trio take us to the dentist.

London/Glasgow three piece Dama Scout are already making a name for themselves as one of the most exciting bands around at the moment. With their off-kilter pop stylings, the eclectic trio – made up of Eva Liu, Luciano Rossi and Danny Grant – are now getting ready to drop their self-titled debut EP next month.

Already releasing tracks “Suzie Wong” and “Sugar” from the upcoming record, the latter is now getting some creepy visuals. Channelling everyone’s childhood fear of going to the dentist, the video sees glittering pop track turns dark as it soundtracks various teeth-pulling activities.

As the band say themselves: “In this little number we continued our exploration of mixing sweetness with the dark and surreal, and pushed it to the point of being grotesque. You have sweets which are sweet, and violence which is dark. And you have lots of very sugary blood which is both sweet and dark. See what we did there?”