The Atlanta duo drop a banger.

Photo: Faye Webster

Photo: Faye Webster

The Soundcloud sensations are finally back. Dropping their first new music in 11 months, the Atlanta based hip-hop duo – Louie Dufflebags and Boothlord, aka Danger Incorporated – haven’t disappointed with new banger “Ashley Olsen”.

A love song to everyone’s favourite Olsen twin (soz Mary-Kate), the atmospheric track blissfully blends Louie’s dreamy R&B vocals with Boothlord’s compelling rap flow. An effortlessly cool song, it’s an excellent example of the pair’s unique style, as they mix elements of romance with cutting delivery, and it’s an exciting look at what their upcoming debut LP Birds Fly By Night will entail.

Dropping the accompanying video today, the dreamy visuals echo the out-of-this-world track. A totally hypnotising vid, starring Louie and Boothlord alongside twins Kam and Karmen, it’s as visually stunning as the song itself.

With their album set to drop at the end of this week, we caught up with the pair to find out all about them and just why they prefer Ashley…

Hey guys, how are you? What have you been up to?

Louie: I am well, working on perfecting a positive headspace at all times. Still in college taking classes, flying wicked places when Awful got places for us to go. Making new songs everyday going the hardest round here guaranteed.

Booth: Hmm out here atl chillin mostly.

Going back to the beginning, how did you two meet?

Booth: Lmaoo we met in the cut. I’ve known this man duffel since like elementary but like we didn’t really link up making tracks till later.

When did you decide to start making music together?

Louie: From the first moment we hung out. We made a track the first time we ever kicked it outside of school when we were like 14 or 15. There’s a video out there somewhere!

Where do the names Louie Dufflebags and Boothlord come from?

Louie: My grandpa and great grandfather are named Louie. Booth and I heard “Hurt” by Yung Lean when we were in high school, the chorus says Louie Duffelbags, booth has called me that ever since.

Booth: Boothlord transcends an origin at this point, it has so many translations smh I think I first donned the title goofing around with the homies at lil five pizza.

What or who inspires you?

Booth: I’m out here skulking through the web all night trying to feel something encountering so much truly inspired by just a few key artists out here making moves. I’m mostly inspired by my homies around me kicking it making tracks, to explore and perform.

Louie: I’m always being inspired by new artists, currently I’ve really been fucking with this band Smerz, the production is way inspiring. I watched this Basquiat documentary the other day and that really got me out of a creative rut and instantly making tracks.

You just released “Ashley Olsen”. Can you tell us a bit about how the song came to being?

Booth: This man Duffel showed me like an early ass demo it was a banger. We worked on it casually over the next few months adding, subtracting.

Louie: The Mary-Kate and Ashley “You’re Invited” VHS tapes have been at my house since I was way young, my two sisters must have received them and then I saw em. The twins have always been in my head. Dream girls.

Musically, what was the inspiration for it?

Louie: Sonically, the inspiration was just one another, booth and I sharing tracks and impressing each other with the sounds we trade.

You’re dropping the video today. What was your creative idea for it?

Booth: With the “Ashley Olsen” video we tried to hit a few vibes really, that flex, that 2003 shit, that twin action, that focus you know similar vibes of the track.

Your LP’s coming out later this month. Without giving too much away, what can you tell us about it?

Louie: Guaranteed the hottest sounds we’ve chose to put online at this point in our lives. We’ve already got tracks for the next two albums, Birds Fly By Night is special though. The culmination of Booth and I’s friendship, all the sounds we’ve heard, all the parties we’ve hit, all the mischief. That’s what surrounded the creation of this record

Booth: Shit hard as hell, guaranteed the hottest shit anyone has heard from us.

Finally, why Ashley and not Mary-Kate?

Louie: Honestly I been switchin up since day one. Today it’s Mary-Kate, tomorrow it’s Ashley. I love them both.

Booth: Nah its Mary-Kate because Mary Kate smoke big gas, hmmpf.

Preorder Danger Incorporated’s album Birds Fly By Night now.

Photo: Faye Webster

BTS Photos: Chris Orzel

BTS Photos: Chris Orzel

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