Our top tracks atm.

Gabriel Black – “Freedom”

Albeit fairly unknown at the moment, Gabriel Black is about to become the artist that everyone is talking about. Blending elements of rock and hip-hop, his bedroom recordings – and accompanying animations – have seen him being lauded online. With raw and honest lyrics often depicting dark thoughts, Black is not only creating fiercely unique and captivating music but he’s also helping those who struggle with these thoughts as well, putting his phone number online so that people can contact him personally. If you’re not already convinced that he’s amazing, it helps that new song “Freedom” is a certified banger.

Kehlani – “Honey”

Giving us the first taste of new music since her incredible record SweetSexySavage earlier this year, Kehlani is back and we couldn’t be happier. Dropping new track “Honey”, the stunning acoustic song is rife with hooks that you won’t be able to get out of your head, however the main pull is undoubtedly her incredible voice. Gliding effortlessly over the guitar strums, there are moments of breathlessness to her R&B tones that are guaranteed to leave you with goosebumps.

Tom Grennan – “Royal Highness”

A year since he collaborated on Chase & Status’ “All Goes Wrong”, Tom Grennan is fully proving himself as a songwriting sensation. With three stunning EPs under his belt, the Bedford-born babe is gearing up to release his debut album Lightning Matches next year. Bound to have a few old favourites on the record, his new stuff is a step up, with latest track “Royal Highness” showing just how much the songwriter has grown. Upbeat and amazing, once again Tom’s gravelly voice wows in a track that feels grander than the rest, and that’s not just a lame pun about the name…

Sad Palace – “Frostbeat”

Written in what the band call “the spirit of loneliness that […] everyone experiences at some point”, “Frostbeat” is the scintillating indie pop banger from Sad Palace. Released last month, the dreamy track has now got an equally surreal video. A perfect visual representation of the guys’ charming, and towards the climax of the song slightly crazy, creativity, it’s an exciting look at what the band can do. Speaking on the vid, the South Coast quartet say, “The video is a representation of some of the more frustrating aspects of being creative, with parallels to a bit of Greek mythology. We nearly bit off more than our skinny frames could chew lugging that organ up and the sunburn was spectacular.”

King Krule – “Half Man Half Shark”

If you’re not already excited for King Krule’s upcoming second album The Ooz, you will be after you hear this. The third track off of the new record, “Half Man Half Shark” follows on from previous bangers “Czech One” and “Dum Surfer”. The heaviest of the three, “Half Man Half Shark” is a bold and brilliant track with snarling vocals ripping through the guitar-led backing. An exciting look at what the album will entail, you only have to wait until Friday to enjoy it in all its glory.

Yonaka – “Bubblegum”

Fresh off of releasing their debut EP “Heavy” last week, Brighton based megababes Yonaka are set to become your new fave band. Blending elements of hip-hop and rock to create their off-kilter and in-your-face incredible sound, frontwoman Theresa Jarvis’ voice is hypnotically cutting and, in short, fucking amazing. Already making a name for themselves as a must-see live act, start learning all the words now so you look super in the know when all your mates inevitably fall in love with the quartet as well.

Kamille – “Body” feat. Avelino

The mastermind behind all of Little Mix’s best tracks (don’t even pretend you don’t know all the words to “Shout Out To My Ex”), London songwriter Kamille is now stepping out from behind the scenes with her debut track “Body”. Featuring rapping heavyweight Avelino, the cinematic R&B track is a powerful and poignant song depicting Kamille’s own experience with people (read: assholes) who judge others by their appearance before getting to know them. A goosebump inducing introduction, it’s further proof that Kamille is a songwriting sensation and a force to be reckoned with.

Dead! – “The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying”

For a band whose name is Dead!, the London based four-piece are gearing up to drop the liveliest (and probably loudest) debut record you’ve heard in a while. Titled The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying, the guys have just released the title track of the album which, as they say, contains “blood, sweat, arguments, defining moments and some of the best and worst times of our lives.” Ferocious and fantastic, it’s the perfect intro to one of the UK’s most exciting rock’n’roll bands.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “Holy Mountain”

Although we’re all still hoping and praying that brotherly love will triumph in the end, the Gallagher bros are busy doing their own things and they’re so good we actually can’t complain that much. After teasing fragments and artwork from his upcoming album Who Built The Moon?, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have dropped the first track from it. Featuring Paul Weller on an organ, “Holy Mountain” is an upbeat banger full of joy which Noel describes as one of his favourite pieces of music that he’s ever written.

Joseph J Jones – “Crawl”

It’s safe to say that Joseph J Jones probably has one of the most interesting stories of how he got into music. After a few years feeling like he was at rock bottom, he met a medium who would turn his life around. “I was fed up with it altogether.” Joseph says. “And then, this woman who was a medium came up to me said ‘I got your granddad with me’. He never saw me do any music. She told me so much stuff that you’d never believe could come true.” Following this path, Joseph has gone from strength to strength, owing to his powerful voice and gripping songwriting. Dropping his newest track “Crawl” last week, it’s even more proof that Joseph is setting up to be a songwriting powerhouse and we can’t wait to hear more.


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