The Hungarian model admires Olafur Eliasson but has questions for the fashion industry.

Shirt and trousers FRAME, top URBAN OUTFITTERS, glasses CUTLER AND GROSS, shoes AGL

Shirt and trousers FRAME, top URBAN OUTFITTERS, glasses CUTLER AND GROSS, shoes AGL

Hungarian model Luca Adamik is a catwalk regular, having made appearances for Jean-Paul Gaultier, Miu Miu, and Moschino in her six years as a model. Discovered at the age of 16, the PRM London signing learnt to appreciate herself and with her new-found confidence followed her dream to become an art and design theorist, at one point decided to put her career on hold while she studied.

Since making her return to the fashion industry, Adamik today balances modelling with her penchant for all things creative – one scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll get a glimpse at her impeccable taste for fine art. Among other things, below we talk sartorial faves, self-love and her industry gripes.

(LEFT) Dress FRAME, earrings ROKIT
(RIGHT) Shirt and trousers FRAME, top and earrings URBAN OUTFITTERS, glasses CUTLER AND GROSS

Dress FRAME, earrings ROKIT
Shirt and trousers FRAME, top and earrings URBAN OUTFITTERS, glasses CUTLER AND GROSS

So how did you got scouted?

I was scouted on the streets of Budapest when I was 16. I had very low self-confidence at that time, so my first two years were about learning how to love myself. This is one of the biggest gifts of modelling; today I have no part of my body that I don’t love.

And talk us through your career, post-being scouted?

It’s been an incredible six years. I started to travel and work actively when I was about 18, I had a quite good period with six amazing shows – I enjoyed those years a lot. But meanwhile my dream art and design university (MOME, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) accepted me and I started my studies. It was a crazy period, really had to manage to work and do my studies at the same time, because I am a perfectionist, it disturbed me that I can’t give 100% of my mind to my studies. So, I decided in the best period of my modelling career to go home and finish my studies first. I got my diploma as an art and design theorist and curator a year ago. People thought I was crazy but I don’t regret this choice – it’s the best thing on earth when you find your dream profession, when you have a constant flow experience while you are working. I had this feeling at university and I knew this is my future. Now I’m full-time modelling and if I feel it’s getting slower, I will start my master studies. I try to make a balance between my two careers.

Who in the industry – designer or photographer – would it be your dream to work?

Juergen Teller. He is my favourite photographer, he started to work against the classical beauty wave and opened the fashion world to other kinds of beauty perceptions. Vivienne Westwood is the only big designer who is still on my show bucket list. She is a queen, I would like to meet her and if I could choose between walking in her show or spend one hour talking to her, I would choose to make an interview all about her crazy life.

And what’s been your modelling highlight so far?

It’s hard to pick one, I have so many gifted moments. Let’s take the last one; it was last couture fashion week in Paris when I opened the Jean-Paul Gaultier show. I really love him personally, I think he is not only a good designer but a real artist and a good person too. It was an incredible and cathartic feeling to walk on his catwalk to the music of Bjork (one of my favourite singers). Jean-Paul was the costume designer of one of the most important movies of my life, directed by Peter Greenaway. It’s always a huge pleasure to meet people who made some really iconic art work.

All clothing FRAME

All clothing FRAME

And downsides to working in the industry?

This topic needs a longer conversation to be able to explain my thoughts. Agencies have a huge responsibility to inform the young models about how this business works. I think the best solution would be to have a psychologist at every agency (like sportsmen have), to care about the girls’ mental health, especially at a young age and, if it was up to me, I would make an age limit; under 18 girls shouldn’t start modelling before they graduate secondary school.

Who are some of your favourite models, female and male?

My favourite female model is Heather Kemesky and the most beautiful male model on earth for me (inside and outside) is Yan Kumral; he is my brother from another mother. But basically, I am crazy for all the models who have specialities, harder characters which break the pretty, sexy and perfect classical beauty concepts.

What’s your favourite look, worn for a shoot or show?

I could find a favourite piece at all the big shows that I did. What makes me excited is always the high quality; good materials and comfort. I am a Modernist, I love the idea of “form follows function” not only in design but in fashion too.

If you could live in any city in the world, which one would it be?

It’s a difficult question because there are so many incredible cities which I admire, but let’s be realistic, all my friends and family live in Budapest. These social contacts are so important for me so I would choose them instead of any other place, even if sometimes it’s hard to live there for me because the Hungarian society is quite narrow minded.

And finally, describe your perfect Sunday?

Sleep until I can, read a good book in the sunlight of my balcony. Visit an Olafur Eliasson exhibition with some of my amazing friends, then go to the opera and listen to a baroque concert with Magdalena Kozena in the main role.

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All clothing FRAME, shoes AGL

All clothing FRAME, shoes AGL
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Luca Adamik at PRM London

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