7 Wonders: The Spice Girls' Best Looks

As the country celebrates two decades of Spice World, we look back at the band’s best outfits.

In case you hadn’t heard, one of the most important contributions to contemporary film turns 20 this year and, to celebrate, cinema screens up and down the country will be hosting special screenings of this monumental masterpiece. Yes, that’s right folks, it’s been two whole decades since our dearly beloved Spice World, with its inexplicable plot and star-studded cast, rocked the pop culture landscape. Cinema buffs will scoff, but we believe that any film capable of tying in a gig at the Royal Albert Hall with an impromptu alien invasion is worthy of our attention.

To honour this occasion, we thought it only right that we take a look at the Spice Girls’ best looks throughout their reign as the ultimate girl band. Paving the way for fearless girl power, their fashion held nothing back and frequently bared all. An inspiration to us all, Scary, Sporty, Baby, Posh and Ginger will forever have a place in our hearts.

The Casual Look

Let’s ease into the list with a more wearable look, shall we? Now, these kind of laid-back vibes might not be what instantly comes to mind when you think of the band’s feisty brand of feminism, but, at their core, these looks are quintessentially Spice. They all look on brand and, more importantly, on point. Also, it’s important to note that every single one of these looks is wearable today. In fact, the picture kind of just looks like a cheesed up Urban Outfitters ad. Bonus points for their CBA attitude, too: we feel you, Geri, we feel you.

The Sportswear Look

Once again, great ‘fits all round, but it’s really crucial that we stop and take a moment to truly appreciate all that Mel C has done for pioneering the sportswear trend. Would millennials worldwide be clad in head to toe Adidas and Nike looks were it not for her superior dedication to dressing à la her nickname? It’s difficult to say, but we shouldn’t let the recent rise of the Kardashians cloud our judgment. This head-to-toe red look is fabulous nonetheless and is surely being replicated by throngs of girls at grime nights on a weekly basis.

The Spacewear Look

If we’re going to honour Mel C’s efforts in the sportswear department, then we certainly can’t overlook Me B’s attempt to take it one step further by literally wearing a spacesuit to rehearse in. An incredible feat, she actually makes it look really good, Bantu knots and all, however, we can’t help but wonder how sweaty she must have been underneath all those layers of insulation.

The Winter Look

As the mornings get chillier, finding good outerwear options is becoming a top priority. Here, Scary and Ginger inspire us to push this season’s top trends further. Go ahead: buy the longest puffer jacket you can find! Be as extra as possible this winter! Wrap yourself up in a floor-length fur number and then grab your BFF and head to the airport for a romp on the suitcase trolleys. It’s what the Spice Girls would want.

The Little Gucci Dress

“It must be so hard for you, Victoria. I mean, having to decide whether to wear the little Gucci dress, the little Gucci dress, or… the little Gucci dress!” Mel C was making fun of fashion fave Posh Spice when she uttered these words in Spice World, but actually, the struggle she speaks of is so real. Even though it’s since been revealed that Victoria didn’t actually wear a single designer piece during her time in the band, her ability to fool the masses into thinking Miss Selfridge numbers were worth ten times their price tag is indisputably impressive. While we can’t all afford to wear Gucci, we could all do to learn a few lessons from the LBD queen, Mrs Beckham.

The Formal-ish Look

A silk suit, a chinoise dress, a croc trench coat and, well, nightwear. You’ve got to give it up to their stylist for putting together some of the most eclectic yet cohesive groups of looks known to man. Seriously, bar excessive adornments, in this department they give Alessandro Michele a run for his money. One would assume that, from the majority of the band’s ensembles, they are attending a posh do in this pic, but then Sporty’s look keeps us guessing without looking out of place. It’s really a spectacular accomplishment, a beacon of hope for lazy night out dressers everywhere.

The Reunion Look

Ah yes, who can forget the moment they first found out about the Spice Girls reunion? I was in my year 7 French class. Calling upon the talents of Roberto Cavalli to design the costumes for their “Return of the Spice Girls” tour, the white and silver moment from their finale is honestly one of the best ensemble looks sported by any girl group ever. At least it certainly boasts the most shimmer power, particularly Posh’s dress and leggings combo. Literally outshining her bandmates, Beckham finally made it on stage in an authentic designer look that dreams are made of. Was this the power of manifestation at work? Who knows, but we’re into it.

Olive Pometsey
7 Wonders: The Spice Girls' Best Looks

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