Heart shaped hangs with a modern businesswoman.

When you think of sunglasses, Takesh’s lovestruck-emoji-inspired-lolita-retro-esque sunnies are probably not your immediate picture. Designed by Niki Takesh, (a.k.a the ultimate New York based renaissance woman, creative director extraordinaire, DJ, actress, photographer and artist pictured here), the slick frames are reminiscent of a 50s icon, frozen in a time capsule only to wake up in the year 2050 when the entire concept of vintage has been reinvented to mean well-fitting, high quality and actually, super stylish. 

I mean, what’s better than “wear with anything” sunglasses that boast the power to elevate an entire outfit? Plus the sunnies come with blue or rose lenses which means that a) you’ll live a rose tinted life for the duration of their wear or b) your entire day will adopt a tasteful blue tinge like a scene out of a 2002 music video by Director X – think Nelly’s “Hot in Herre”. What’s not to love, amiright?

To cut a long story short, adorning yourself in Takesh’s eyewear is something like the exact definition of winning, so Wonderland fired a few emails Niki’s way to discover her take on building the brand up from nothing and her tips for what’s to come. Get involved.

Hey Niki, how are you?

Sup! I’m good, I’m actually in Mexico and I just threw up but I’m amazing.

Your new glasses are super sick – like a combination of high-end quality and vintage aesthetics with new era colourways. How long had you been brewing up the idea for a brand?

I like that description! Thank you for noticing. The fantasy was probably slowly brewing in my brain for over five years, just from being obsessed with sunglasses and specifically vintage ones. At the time I felt like there was nothing in-between $400 designer glasses and then the $10 Venice Beach / Soho street sunglasses. 

Away from the glasses, you’ve worked with some of the sickest creative people in the industry. Are any of your friends/clients your muse?

I don’t really understand the word muse but I am lucky to be surrounded with people who I love that also inspire me. 

What are you wearing your heart-shaped sunnies with?

I think they go with everything but I think they’re cutest in a casual outfit. They totally fit in with all the brands that Opening Ceremony carries – sexy and funky. 

Takesh perfectly plays into this resurgence of the 00s, I think you saw that coming a lil while ago. What do you think is the next big trend in fashion?

Hopefully the next big trend is just being yourself and not worrying about what you are wearing because it’s really not a big deal.

What’s it been like building your line, juggling styling, DJing and everything in-between? Any tips you’ve picked up to pass on to the next wave of young moguls?

You literally have to figure out a balance because the juggling gets really scary – I straight up worked three different jobs per day and then did the sunglasses stuff after 9pm – it’s a lot. It’s important to unplug and let go and have some relaxation time – stress is a killer and unnecessary. Also don’t forget to eat and drink water.

If Takesh were a movie, what would it be about?

Probably some type of dark comedy about a girl turning her mental illness into millions?

In five years, Takesh will be…

Hopefully on a sexy tropical island with people I love and crying of laughter.

Thanks Niki!

Marley Rizzuti
Sabrina Passuntino
Abigail Adeoti
Peter Matteliano at Bryan Bantry using Oribe
Rika Shimada using MAC Cosmetics

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