Ahead of Reading and Leeds, the Danish trio introduce their ultimate festival playlist.

Dropping their highly anticipated debut album More Nothing today, Baby In Vain are the Danish trio you should be paying attention to. Forming in 2010 when the band were 14-16 years old, they’ve perfected their grunge inspired sound creating a brilliant debut record that you’re gonna want to listen to, on repeat, ASAP.

Set to wow the crowds on The Pit/The Lock Up stage at Reading and Leeds Festival this weekend, the trio have given us a list of their ultimate festival songs. Listen now…

Nirvana – “School (live at Reading)”

Lola: Just to begin with, a little piece of rock history, Nirvana live at Reading in 92. None of us were born when this went down, but we surely wish we were there.

Metallica – “Master of Puppets”

Lola: We saw Metallica at Roskilde Festival some years ago… can’t remember much from the show, but just want to shout out Lars Ulrich for playing us on his Beats 1 show! If they played “Master of Puppets” it was probably amazing, but all I remember is trying to find a spot where I could see in the massive crowd.

The Megaphonic Thrift – “Tune Your Mind”

Benedicte: We met our Norwegian pals in The Megaphonic Thrift two years ago at a Norwegian festival called Måkeskrik. There is something about Norwegian festivals… The country is very beautiful and when you put a stage near the sea or lakes with mountains in the background, that’s just amazing. We saw MT at one of those festivals, first time I saw them live, and they are simply a fucking good band.

Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats – “I’ll Cut You Down”

Andrea: Lola and I have visited Roskilde Festival almost every year for the last 10 years. We’ve seen countless concerts together at the festival, many of them amazing, but I remember Uncle Acid and The Deadbeat’s show in 2013 as one of the very best. It was 3 o’clock in the morning. We were wasted, dirty, exhausted after several days of partying and were just able to drag our sorry bodies to the stage. Just when we thought we were about to take our last breath ever, the band started playing. Every bit of life left in our young poisoned bodies was sucked out of us, and then immediately shot back into us with a force so powerful that we resurrected stronger and more ready to rock than ever before.

Lana Del Rey – “Ultraviolence”

Lola: We saw Lana Del Rey at Northside Festival in Denmark back in 2014 just a week or so before Ultraviolence was released. She only played this and I think “West Coast” from the album, but that was pretty legendary, since Ultraviolence turned out to be one of the best albums of all time. We played on the festival the day after, too bad we didn’t get to meet her.

Echo and The Bunnymen – “Killing Moon”

Andrea: I grew up with Echo and The Bunnymen and they always had a special meaning to me. Over the years Lola and Bene have come to like the band too, therefore, when we learned they were playing at the same Norwegian festival as us, on the same day as us, we were very excited. Unfortunately the Norwegian weather ruined everything; because of heavy wind our show was postponed, our backstage was given to someone else, leaving us to wander around the festival like disoriented homeless people, and last but not least, The Bunnymen’s show was moved to another stage and they went on two hours before they were supposed to. When we finally realised it, it was almost too late. We ran to the stage as fast at we could, and just as we arrived they started playing “Killing Moon”. They played three more songs after that and then it was over.

The Strokes – “Is This It”

Andrea: The same year as Uncle Acid played Roskilde Festival, The Strokes played as well. It had rained heavily all day, and everyone was completely soaked and ready to go home. The whole festival was standing before the Orange Stage – the biggest stage on Roskilde Festival – waiting for something or someone to deliver them from hell. No one knew what to expect, Strokes hadn’t played for quite some time, and with the shitty weather and a moody crowd, it could end up being a disaster. Then the band entered the stage and it stopped raining immediately. As they started playing the sun came out and the mood in the crowd changed drastically. Everyone was laughing, cheering, some even crying, and I have to say that even after all this time, it’s still the best show I’ve ever seen.

Bon Iver – “8 (circle)”

Benedicte: I saw Bon Iver for the first time last weekend at Haven Festival in Copenhagen. That was just, wow…! What a guy, what a band! Two insane drummers and a horn section and more cool people. They mainly played the new songs though, and as a fan of the first album, I was a bit disappointed. Still I will admit that I almost cried when they played “8 (circle)”.

Queens Of The Stone Age – “You Got A Killer Scene There, Man…”

Benedicte: We’ve all watched QOTSA a thousand times, but they are truly a great live band. One time we saw them at Sziget Festival in Budapest where we had played as well, earlier that day. Beers are very cheap in Budapest so we were in a very good mood… I took one photo of the concert, but the next day i realised that I had used the selfie cam so actually I’ve only taken a picture of a guy in the crowd looking at my phone… After the QOTSA show the party continued in a strip club. Yes, we are that rock’n’roll.