Our weekly list of the best songs around.

Charli XCX – “Boys”

Back with a bang, pop sensation, and Wonderland fave, Charli XCX has dropped her new song “Boys” along with the best video that’s ever been created (yeah, I said it). The second track from her upcoming third album, “Boys” is an absolute banger complete with a video full of your celeb crushes. What’s not to love?

Mulàn – “Pure”

The magical and mysterious Mulàn return with their third ever release, and it’s their best one yet. With funk soaked synths and hypnotising vocals, this is yet more proof that Mulàn are one of the most exciting groups out there and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

Smino – “Netflix & Dusse”

Taken from his acclaimed debut album, blkswn, “Netflix & Dusse” is the fantastic track from St Louis rapper, Smino. Showcasing his refreshing take on rap music, the accompanying video mirrors the track’s chilled out vibes and the nostalgic feel of the album. Plus, as Smino says, “Netflix onna big ass movie screen would be raw.”

Jerkcub – “Little Boring Thing”

Despite the song title, south Londoner Jerkcub is anything but boring. With his laid-back melancholic musings over beautiful bluesy guitar, his latest track “Little Boring Thing” is proof of the exciting things he’s got in store. Speaking on the track, he says, “’Little Boring Thing’ is about sleepwalking into comfort, and then suddenly realising it’s happening. It’s simplistically cynical, crude and offensive, about feeling superior and predicting the future and then ultimately being proven wrong.”

Blue Hawaii – “No One Like You”

Sharing the lead single from their upcoming record Tenderness, Blue Hawaii are back with the stunning “No One Like You”. Their first album for four years, the Montreal duo have been honing their craft, producing a disco tinged track made even more magical with the beautifully light vocals. Bring on the album…

Jessie Ware – “Midnight”

The first track to be released from her upcoming third album, Jessie Ware has returned with new track “Midnight” and it’s incredible. Emotive and powerful, as Jessie yearns for an all consuming love, her haunting voice perfectly illustrates the thought and feeling behind her lyrics. We’ve got goosebumps.

Crystal Bats – “Killing Me” feat. Whinnie Williams

Thankfully not making us wait another three years for a track, Crystal Bats have released their latest soulful 80s vibes track, “Killing Me”. Featuring some gorgeous vocals from Whinnie Williams, the song is an exciting look at what the guys have up their sleeves for this year.

J Hus – “Spirit”

Dropping the visuals this week, Mercury Prize nominated J Hus wows again on track “Spirit”. Taking us on a Ghanian adventure, Hus discusses the time he spent in prison in 2015. In his own words, he says, “When I was inside, I used to listen to a lot of radio. I thought if I could make a tune that would go on radio that could then be heard in prison, then I could almost talk to myself, myself in prison. I wanted a song that could really resonate with people in that situation.”

Tom Grennan – “Found What I’ve Been Looking For”

After we tipped him for greatness in our Summer 17 Issue, Tom Grennan is proving us right with his latest release “Found What I’ve Been Looking For”. With his trademark soulful, raspy vocals and a guitar riff that you won’t be able to get out of your head all day, Tom truly is the songwriter we’ve been looking for.

Avelino – “Origami”

After blowing us away with “Energy”, Avelino is back with yet another fire emoji worthy track. The first taste of his upcoming LP NoBullshit, “Origami” highlights Ave’s expert lyricism and shows why he is one of the best British rappers around right now.

Elly Watson

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