Your fave new songs.

Jorja Smith – “Teenage Fantasy”

As 20 year old Jorja Smith says of the inspiration for her newest track, “Teenage Fantasy”, “I was told by my mother, if I look into the future, do I really see this boy, that I think I’ve fallen for?” Raw and honest, the beautiful song is soulful and stunning. Featuring jazz influences and a sample of her 16 year old self humming while babysitting, it is yet another example of the incredible songwriter that Jorja is.

Declan McKenna – “Humongous”

In the run up to the release of his debut album next month, Declan McKenna is teasing us with the release of “Humongous”. Reflecting its title, the track is an absolute banger with a cinematic flair. “This was the last song I wrote for the record,” Declan says, “Not to pick a favourite child but I think this might be, definitely a step in the direction I’m heading in, I love big powerful choruses that you can just scream, and I wanted this to be one of those.”

Malihini – “Miss”

Hailing from London and Rome, Malihini are about to become your new favourite double act. Forming in 2015, latest track “Miss” is the follow up to their incredible debut “Waiting”. Full of hypnotising hooks and a beat that makes you instantly want to move, the band describe the track as a love song containing memories of hopes and fears. “When we were writing it we found ourselves in one of those rhythmic loops. A loop that felt tribal, almost. We scrambled some words together and they came out so naturally it felt like we were exhaling the lyrics rather than writing them.”

Chase & Status and Blossoms – “This Moment”

The only thing better than one of your favourite groups putting out new music, is one of your favourite groups combining forces with another of your faves to release an instant classic. Such is the case with the new track from Chase & Status and Blossoms. In the words of Blossoms’ Tom, “I believe the kids call such tunes ‘fucking bangers’.” You’re not wrong, Tom.

The Ruby Suns – “Waterslide”

Returning after four years, Ryan McPhun once again adopts his pseudonym The Ruby Suns and, man, are we glad. With his new album, Sprite Fountain, already making waves, his refreshingly unique take on indie rock blends psychedelic influences with blissful melodies. Get on The Ruby Suns hype now.

Bastille – “Glory”

Taken from their incredible second album, Wild World, Bastille have released “Glory”. An uplifting ballad, the video sees frontman Dan falling in love on an adventure. Speaking on the track Dan says, “The song is about friendship and those woozy middle-of-the-night chats that drunkenly seem so important at the time. It’s my favourite track on “Wild World”, and we wanted the video to be a celebration of storytelling, relationships, and how two people can remember things completely differently.”

Zola Jesus – “Exhumed”

In the run up to her new album, Okovi, Zola Jesus is releasing the exciting and thundering lead single “Exhumed”. Darker and heavier than her previous music, the track will make your heartbeat faster and your ears sing. With the album set for release on 8th September, we can’t wait to hear more.

FEMME – “Fire With Fire”

Following on from 2016’s debut album Debutante, FEMME is back with her garage inspired track “Fire With Fire”. Blending indie pop elements with her otherworldly vocals, FEMME says that the song “celebrates squaring up to your fears, staring straight down the barrel and letting the world know you’re not about to be steamrolled”. The first track from her new album, set for release next year, get ready to play this song on repeat all summer.

RHODES – “Sleep Is A Rose”

The incredible RHODES has just dropped his newest track, “Sweet Is The Rose”. Certain to give you goosebumps when listening, the piano led track puts his jaw-droppingly moving vocals at the forefront. Recording the track live, it is the first glimpse of what RHODES has in store for us from his upcoming sophomore album. Speaking on the track, he says, “I found an old cottage in the Lake District, spending many nights lying awake thinking about it all and this one came to me in all in one moment. I recorded it straight away because I wanted to capture that initial spark and the night-time mood.”

Denai Moore – “All The Way” feat. Kwabs

As she gets ready to release her highly anticipated sophomore album, We Used To Bloom, this Friday, Denai Moore is giving us a taster of the incredible things set to come with her latest offering “All The Way”. The closing track to the album, it’s an uplifting and soul bearing song, with the kind of open hearted lyrics that give you goose bumps. When describing writing the track, Denai says, “It was an incredible song to record — we had a gospel choir and strings, and I think it rounds off all the things I talk about on the record and gives this feeling of resolve. It’s a song I’ve always wanted to write, saying I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, and there’s so much more that can happen, there’s no end to yourself, there’s always room to grow.”


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