Model Behaviour: Seb De Mazia

An afternoon with the Models 1’s DJ.

All clothing DIOR HOMME

All clothing DIOR HOMME

Tell us how you got scouted.

I was at a drum and bass festival, and I was coming out of a tent, quite pissed, and someone came up to me and goes, “do you want to be a model?” and I didn’t really take them seriously – I was with a group of my mates and they were taking the piss – and she was “look, let me take a picture of you and I’ll give you my information, and then we’ll send you an email.”

And the next step from there?

I went into the agency, and I’d had about two months of partying around Europe prior to that, so I went into the agency and they were like “get in shape, we’ll give you two months and then we’ll sign you”, so I just ran every day and ate broccoli and chicken!

What have you been up to since then in terms of modelling?

I’ve moved to Models 1, and Models 1 have really pushed me, pushed me well! I’ve been to New York, been in Europe, Milan. I’ve been to location jobs, Prague and Miami.

Any favourite locations?

I was in New York, and it was February – February in New York is really cold – and Models 1 booked me for a job in Miami, and it was for two separate weekends. So I was freezing my butt off, and then I’ll fly to Miami for the weekend, get a tan, everything paid for, really good shoot, and then fly back, and then another weekend [in New York]. It was really good!

(LEFT) Shirt THOMAS PINK, trousers COACH and vest DANIEL w. FLETCHER
(RIGHT) Jumper and trousers BELSTAFF, blazer MARNI

Shirt THOMAS PINK, trousers COACH and vest DANIEL w. FLETCHER
Jumper and trousers BELSTAFF, blazer MARNI

What’s your favourite thing about modelling?

It’s a very good confidence booster. You can either grow in this industry or you can not grow in this industry. You have clients saying yes to you, you have clients saying no to you, it makes you stronger as a person. And I think that’s what you need in life, it’s a good skill to have.

Talk us through some of your favourite brands.

Shoe-wise, Common Projects! Just because you can wear them anywhere really and they go with any outfit, and they’re good quality as well. And then I like Belstaff as well!

Aside from modelling, you’re also a DJ, tell us a little bit about that.

I’ve only literally just moved to London about five months ago, when I was living in Brighton I had a radio show, and that was really good because every week I had to pick so many tunes [and] I had to talk about them, I had to get guests in, and then I’ll play tunes, people would send me tunes all the time so my backlog is like, 10,000 plus, so that was good fun! Obviously [with] gigging, there’s not much out there that’s that sort of buzz, you know? It’s kind of like a drug. When you play to so many people, you just want to get bigger and bigger and bigger, and then it’s festivals and then it’s bigger festivals and before you know it you’re selling out the O2 or whatever, or Alexandra Palace, it’s addictive!

So how’s your life changed since you’ve been a model, what have been the biggest differences?

It’s changed loads, its a really good career. Just the travelling, I don’t think I’d have travelled as much as I do if I wasn’t modelling!

Final question, long term goals?

I want to basically travel, and go to as many destinations as I can; like I’ve met up with a Sydney agency and they’re interested in me, plus a South African agency, so I’ve got options to go to different places. So, I’m going to do that, and then save some money and buy property!


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Model Behaviour: Seb De Mazia

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