The soundtrack to your week.

Snakehips – “Right Now”

Enlisting the help of US rapper D.R.A.M., Atlanta songwriter ELHAE and the mysterious H.E.R., Snakehips are back with another R&B banger. The producing double act have just dropped their new track “Right Now” and it’s infectiously catchy with stunning vocals and captivating hooks. Prepare to get up and dance as soon as you hear it.

Dan Owen – “Moonlight”

Shrewsbury songwriter Dan Owen releases his latest haunting song since signing with Atlantic Records. A beautiful track soundtracked by strings, we can’t wait to see what else the upcoming singer has to offer.

Jamie Light – “Lies”

Unveiling his debut singer, Jamie Light is an artist you should be paying attention to. Blending elements of R&B and electro, Jamie describes the track as about “confronting the demise of a turbulent relationship and moving on when you can no longer gain anything from being in it.”

Barns Courtney – “Golden Dandelions”

Dropping his latest single, “Golden Dandelions”, Barns Courtney is about to steal your heart. A bluesy rock n’ roll anthem, it’s an instant scream-the-lyrics-at-the-top-of-your-lungs classic and we can’t get enough.

Frida Sundemo – “It’s OK”

Swedish songstress Frida Sundemo’s latest track is guaranteed to give you goosebumps. As her delicate vocals float over the bittersweet ballad, the emotive lyrics about embracing life’s highs and lows will have the song stuck in your head all day.

Trampolene – “Beautiful Pain”

With their new heartbreaking acoustic track, Trampolene are the Swansea rockers about to take over the scene. The title track of their upcoming EP, “Beautiful Pain” is a stunning track documenting the difficulties of falling in love. Make sure you grab the EP when it comes out next month!

The Magnettes – “So Bad”

Glitter punk pop babes, The Magnettes, have just released their newest track “So Bad” to get us even more hyped for their debut album release at the end of the month. As their breathy vocals glide effortlessly over pop-tinged hooks, when The Magnettes tell us to say they’re “the best we’ve ever had”, we have to comply.

Benjamin Clementine – “Phantom of Aleppoville”

Having recently collaborated with Gorillaz on album fave “Hallelujah Money”, Benjamin Clementine is back with his first release since winning the Mercury Music Prize in 2015 for his debut album, At Least For Now. Influenced by child psychoanalyst, Donald Winicott, “Phantom of Aleppoville” deals with childhood bullying and Benjamin’s own experience with this. Speaking on it, he says, “Aleppoville is a place where many are bullied if not all, but no one understands nor see why; Phantom.” ​

SPELLES – “Dead In The Water”

Powerful and full of raw emotion, “Dead In The Water” will take your breath away. As SPELLES’ voice takes control with her gospel soaked melodies, the cinematic track will give you goosebumps. Describing the track, SPELLES says, “This song is about rising up, taking the reigns, and not letting anything or anyone stand in your way.”

Kiran Leonard – “Living With Your Ailments”

Having recently announced his new album, Derevaun Seraun, Kiran Leonard is giving us a taste of the exciting things to expect with his latest track “Living With Your Ailments”. Hypnotising and heart-wrenching, the 7 minute long track is brilliant from start to finish and an even better example of what a unique and exciting artist Kiran is.

Rachel Crow – “Dime”

This is about to become your new fave pop song from your new fave pop star. Only 19 years old, Rachel Crow has already got a super impressive CV, appearing on The X Factor and starring in Netflix original film Deidra & Laney Rob A Train. Now releasing her first official single, “Dime” is an upbeat and fun filled dance track and is sure to catapult Rachel into pop royalty where she belongs.


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