Ryans La Marina

Exploring Ibiza Old Town’s harbour-side retreat.

(LEFT) Ryan’s La Marina
(RIGHT) Ibiza Old Town

Ryan’s La Marina
Ibiza Old Town

When you think of Ibiza, you imagine wild outdoor raves that go on until the sun’s come up, hungover days at the beach trying to wash away the memories of cheap sangria, burger van fodder and regrettable holiday romances.

But Ibiza isn’t all about wild days and nights in the sun, there is a life away from the club culture and it manifests in Ibiza Old Town, which is steeped in rich medieval heritage and is packed with picturesque buildings, chapels and sights that are certain to get your explorative juices flowing. This area of Ibiza is the perfect location if you’re looking have a getaway that’s a balance of laid-back days lounging in the sun and nights eating at some of the finest restaurants, met with the aforementioned evenings of wildness.

Positioned perfectly at the bottom of Ibiza’s most picturesque village is Ryans La Marina, the only hotel worth staying in this Summer. Ryans La Marina (as you’ve probably guessed) sits perfectly on the harbour, offering up sun-soaked picturesque views, which will be made further dreamy with the marina’s re-development, which is on the brink of completion. Upon entering, you’ll find small but sleek bar and reception area – there’s also an outdoor seating area which is perfect to sip a cocktail, soak up the rays and enjoy the views of the marina. Opulence isn’t high on the agenda, instead Ryans La Marina is intent on keeping things simple; it’s non-fussy and understated, ensuring that your stay in Ibiza is relaxed and laid-back.

The rooms within the space are all diverse, featuring a different unique artwork whether it be an ocean landscape or a homage to some of the world’s finest athletes including LeBron James and Andy Murray. Each room features a quaint mini SMEG fridge, perfect for storing pre-prepped tinnies of G&T. Some rooms offer up views of the harbour and include a small balcony, just big enough for two or three people to enjoy the Ibiza’s awe-inspiring sunset.

Within close proximity are a variety of delectable restaurants and bars. One of our firm faves is La Dispensa, which is just a short walk away from Ryans La Marina and sits along a lively street lined with lots of diverse places to test out the island’s cuisine. La Dispensa features a 1920s style interior (and a gothic, bewitching bathroom complete with stain-glass toilet doors – seriously!) With a diverse menu that caters to all tastes, a majestic atmosphere and a gorgeous interior, La Dispensa is the perfect evening retreat. For al-fresco dining in the daytime, you could take a short trip (super short if you go via Ibiza Delivers and their impeccable water taxi services) across the sea to Formentera and enjoy lunch or dinner at Beso – the restaurant where you can eat with your shoes off, as it sits on the tropical clear-water beach. With a sea food speciality, Beso offers up the an array of flavoursome paella’s and fish dishes of the highest quality.

If you do want to give the wild nightlife a try, ANTS at Ushuaia is your go-to getaway. Spanning the duration of the Summer season every weekend, the major club night features live sets from house powerhouses such as Groove Armada, Maya Jane Coles and Raul Rodriguez. With huge production, the dreamiest mojitos and a 6,000 strong crowd, there’s no denying that ANTS at Ushuaia is the ultimate Ibiza night-life experience.

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Ryan’s La Marina

Ryan’s La Marina
Ryans La Marina

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