Model Behaviour: Models 1

Meeting the girls of Spring Summer 17.

Esme Cosham, 17, Surrey

How did you get into modelling?

I was scouted at British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park when I was 14.

And how are you finding it so far?

It’s been a big change from normal school life! Meeting so many new people at every shoot and getting to work with an amazing team is so exciting. All of the models that I have met at the agency are so lovely as well, which made settling in very easy.

Most exciting modelling moment so far?

I spent three days in Wales, shooting an editorial by the sea which was a fantastic experience, although very chilly!

So what do you get up to when you’re not working?

I am currently in the sixth form studying maths, chemistry and English, which is challenging but very interesting. I’m a huge fan of cooking too, so my ideal Sunday would definitely include baking while binge-watching Gossip Girl on Netflix (for the 4th time!).

Sounds ideal. Finally, tell us a wild fact about yourself.

This is tricky question! I spent a week in the mountains in Italy last summer on an activity packed holiday where I went white water rafting and paragliding. Adventure packed holidays are definitely my favourite, I can’t just sunbathe all day (much to the annoyance of my mum and sister who love to spend all day on the beach!)

Esme wears necklace and earrings from Tatty Devine’s new SS17 collection, The Art of Wasting Time; inspired by Japanese textiles, the line-up sees founders Harriet and Rosie exploring the Far East, marrying oriental fantasies with the label’s kitsch aesthetic.

Thaís Martins, 22, Brazil

How did you get into modelling?

I agreed with my mom to pass through the exams for university, so I did and after that I walked in to an agency in my hometown.

And how are you finding it so far?

It wasn’t easy to get here and get signed with the agencies that I have in Europe and in America, I’ve fought a lot for it and it has been really fruitful! I’ve grown so much, personally and professionally. I have amazing people working with me and giving support. And I’m very, very happy and grateful for how the things are turning out in my career, I couldn’t have chosen a better job!

Most exciting moments so far?

Fashion week! It can be really stressful having to run around between castings when it’s really hot or cold, having to wait for hours, not so many hours of sleep – the tension to know if you got the show or not; if you do, then once you hit the catwalk all that stress is worth it! The feeling of walking in a show is really unique.

So who would your dream photographer be to work with?

Mario Testino, Steven Meisel…I can’t decide!

Fair enough! So finally, what do your days off look like?

I go to the gym; I am a TV show addict, so I’ll probably be watching at least an episode per day. FaceTime with my friends and family back in Brazil, and I’m trying to learn Spanish right now.

Thaís wears dress by Teatum Jones’ Talk To Me, Like Lover’s Do SS17 collection: a bold offering inspired, as per brand tradition, poignant human stories (in this case Scotland takes the mantle).

Vivianne Tess, 21, Holland

How did you get into modelling?

I sent my pictures to an agency after I finished high school. A few days later I started.

And how are you finding it so far?

I love every part of it. The travelling, the people I meet, the clothes I get to wear. Every day is different and you never know what’s next!

What’s your top tip for anyone hoping to enter the industry?

Modelling is an amazing job, but it’s also a very demanding job. You will have to give up a lot, you will be often on your own and there will be a lot of temptation. Always make sure you keep your feet on the ground.

So finally, who would be your dream photographer to work with?

Miles Aldridge or Mario Testino.

Vivianne wears bracelets by Buba Bracelets. Founded by Euan McDonald and Lesley Silwood, the London label is the product of a 13-year series of crossing paths that eventually led to a meeting on a beach in Goa, from where the pair take much of their inspiration.

Daisy Stothert, 18, West Sussex

How did you get into modelling?

My brother’s fairy godmother told me to come in for a test and it all picked up from there.

And how are you finding it?

It’s the best! I love being able to meet so many creative people.

Tell us a wild fact about yourself.

I was a high jump national finalist.

Nice. And finally, what are your hopes and dreams away from the industry?

Maybe to become a nutritionist.

Daisy wears kimono by DDOO Collective, the barefoot chic label celebrating freedom and comfort; trousers by Ellesd, the leather specific brainchild of Flora Mascolo and Meriem Semlali-Broby founded in 2014; shoes by Spanish label Unisa, which describes itself as “the Mediterranean on your feet”, and frankly who are we do disagree?

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Esme Cosham, Thaís Martins, Vivianne Tess and Daisy Stothert at Models 1
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Model Behaviour: Models 1

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