Your new fave songs.

Santino Le Saint – “4AM”

A deliciously rich slice of trap-rock, “4AM” is the powerful guitar-heavy track from rising star Santino Le Saint. Written at 4am on a winter’s night, the track blends R&B elements with vocals that will stay with you long after you’ve finished listening, making Santino’s latest offering a cinematic and stunning experience.

Alex Maxwell – “Lie to Me”

After being discovered while busking on the streets of Madrid, Alex Maxwell is the newest face of Hollywood Records set to change the game. Taking influences from Lana Del Ray and First Aid Kit, her catchy new song “Lie to Me” shows off her beautifully melodic voice and her ability to write an infectious pop hit.

NUUXS – “Out The Blue”

Alt-pop megababe NUUXS has just released the off-kilter summer song that we’ve always wanted. “Out The Blue” is a flawless track, with NUUXS’ beautiful vocals floating effortlessly over the heavy background percussion. Check out the accompanying video for a handy lyric guide so you can outsmart your friends by already knowing the words to the track of the moment.

LOOP – “Know Me Better”

Dropping another instant pop belter, LOOP is back with new pop ballad “Know Me Better”. With her signature silky vocals exquisitely layered over dance-worthy production, although the lyrics may be slightly heavier, this track is still an upbeat and enjoyable vibrant pop song.

CHIMES – “Nite Swimming”

Made up of producing prodigy Jamie Draper and amazing songwriter Paul Aiden, CHIMES are the dance pop duo making a difference. Fresh off releasing their highly anticipated EP “Ninety Four”, the guys are certain their sound will be unique and original. “There was space for something new, fresh and powerful to make a mark,” Jamie and Paul say, “Hopefully our blend of indie rock combined with mainstream dance music continues to connect with people the way it has been doing at our gigs.”


Whilst we’re still patiently waiting for Vampire Weekend’s fourth album (seriously, hurry tf up, guys), guitarist Chis Baio is making it a bit easier for us with the announcement of his sophomore album Man Of The World. Releasing instant indie classic “PHILOSOPHY!”, the track is an upbeat breakup song inspired by the shitstorm that was 2016.

Perfume Genius – “Die 4 You”

Fresh from releasing his stunning album No Shape, Mike Hadreas, aka Perfume Genius, has dropped the hypnotising visuals to album fave “Die 4 You”. Directed by Floria Sigismondi and featuring the flesh sculptures made by Dutch artist Rosa Verloop, the video is as mesmerising as the track itself. Speaking on the song, Hadreas says, “This is a love song with a lot of breath-control fetish language, to communicate a willingness to really give yourself to someone completely.”

Nick Mulvey – “Unconditional”

Three years since the release of his debut album, First Mind, Nick Mulvey has returned. New song “Unconditional” is triumphant and heartbreaking, reminding us of what a talented songwriter Nick is, in case you could ever forget. We can’t wait to hear what else he’s been working on.

Piers James – “These Nights”

Rising UK hip hop star, Piers James, is back with his newest release, “These Nights”. With standout groovy piano chords, the track is perfect for a sun soaked chill out fest. Speaking on the track, Piers says, “I think sometimes in life we focus too much on the negative side of things so wanted to bring some positivity within the lyrics and vibe of the song.”

VERO – “Hello”

Just in time for summer, VERO has emerged to become a stable part of our summer soundtrack. Formed late last year, the trio blend the experimental 90s sound with the energy of 20-somethings obsessed with the 80s to create a bold and brilliant alt-pop sound in new track “Hello”. Get ready to play this on repeat.


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