Playlist: Friends In Paris

The genre-hopping duo tell us about their fave songs.

Globe spanning double act, Friends In Paris, are set to have a stellar 2017. Already making waves online, they’ve recently released their newest track “When Your Heart Is A Stranger”, the first song from their upcoming debut EP, “Heart”, recorded across two continents. Talking about the record, the guys said, “‘Heart’ was born across vast oceans through satellites and stars. Two men from opposite ends of the earth discovered a connection and created a musical headspace for lovers, searchers and dreamers everywhere. Friends In Paris…wearing their ‘Heart’ on their sleeve.”

In anticipation of what is certain to be a brilliant debut EP, Kris and Jeroen told us all about the songs that have inspired the record.

Jai Paul – “BTSTU”

Jeroen: This track was something really new and fresh at the time when it surfaced some 5 years ago. A lot of people were influenced by it and it kinda started a new sound. I love it when emotion and groove come together.

Caribou – “Silver”

Kris: This track gives me instant chills. Stirs other worldly electricity in my soul like I’m high or something. Everything about it from the first few notes takes me somewhere I need to be. The placement of the kick and snare in the mix, the filtered hat and that crunchy kick on the fill that comes in on the fourth bar of the beat. Mad love for this!!

Kanye West – “Wolves”

J: This track is simply sublime. The way the weird voices are used is extremely clever and daring for a mainstream artist like Kanye. He keeps on pushing the boundaries of pop music.

SOHN – “Bloodflows”

J: This is another big influence. I remember vibing out on a Sohn concert during London’s Field Day. It’s just such a beautiful song and a really fresh production. 

Glass Animals – “Toes”

K: That voice! Totally in awe of the tone of Dave Bayley’s dulcets. I heard this track on the opening credits on Taken 3. Every detail of the track had my attention. Love the playful lyrics and the way all the animal-like sounds tickle your ears at the edge of the mix. Big fan of that muted bass sound too. Real genius composition.

The Internet – “Girl” feat. KAYTRANADA

K: Another real repeat button track. Such a silky voice on top of that super groovy lazy beat and beautiful cadence in those chords. Really love the stereo spread on the beats and the juno vibe bass. Kaytranada’s been on point for a few years now and this collaboration is no exception. One of my favourite releases over the last few years.

Rihanna – “Work” feat. Drake

J: I love the dancehall influences in the beat, but still it sounds 100% modern. It’s really cleverly done, while the song itself feels totally easy. This groove is actually a pretty complex one, but still everyone will dance to it at a houseparty. Love Rihanna’s voice.

Frank Ocean – “Pink + White”

J: When this album dropped, it was instant cult. What a voice, what a vibe. A really unique artist.

Portishead – “The Rip”

K: I actually only stumbled on this a month or so ago, which slipped by me at the time. I think I was watching some synth demos on Youtube and saw something in the thread of Adrian Utley’s modular set up which lead me to the album and this song grabbed me. I love the way it just takes off with the drums and the synth line taking over from the guitar, but they make you wait for it. Love the gritty production and as always Beth Gibbons’ voice just draws you in. I wonder if she really held that long note as the track takes off?

Roxy Music – “More Than This”

K: Perhaps a bit of a guilty pleasure which features on one of my favourite movies Lost In Translation. It really is an infectious song though, and the lyrics are quite beautiful. Of course it has that 80’s charm but it’s quite haunting and there’s some real magic at around 3mins in when the synth takes over the melody for the solo.

Playlist: Friends In Paris

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