Premiere: Pega Monstro – "Cachupa"

Listen to this brazen new album cut from Portuguese dream-punk sisters.

I seem to have a penchant for songs that are completely unintelligible lyrically whether that be through bad articulation or it’s just in another language. Cocteau Twins, Durufle, John Lydon, the list goes on. Pega Monstro’s Portuguese oddball combo of ethereal pop and hard-nosed garage has situated firmly alongside the acts listed above. It is innovative, slightly comical and they are sisters!

In their own words: “Cachupa is a Cape Verdian traditional stew with the main ingredients being corn, beans and more beans. There are romances as tough to digest as this dish. The song ennounces as a 3-act-opera-like ballad, swinging through angst, sorrow and reaching resolution in the last act when a poem by Fernando Pessoa is sung.”

The song is about stew. Brilliant.

Pega Monstro release their new album, Casa De Cinema, on 2nd June. You can preorder here.

Aaron Powell