Playlist: The Age of L.U.N.A.

The coolest collective around chat to us about their fave songs.

West London four-piece, The Age of L.U.N.A., are quickly becoming one of the hottest names in R&B. Consisting of rappers Butch and Kyote, vocalist Daniella and producer NKOK, their delicious R&B beats and hooks are utterly hypnotic and completely enchanting.

With stunningly soulful sounds, the group are striving to bring musicality and consciousness back into mainstream rap. And with the release of their latest EP “Coco” on the immediate horizon (tomorrow to be exact!), we feel like this is a quest they’re bound to conquer.

Catching them in between bursts of excitement for tomorrow’s release, we got the group to talk us through their all-time favourite songs.

Lauryn Hill – “Ex-Factor”

Daniella: Like most of Lauryn’s songs this is so full of emotion. It’s such a realistic yet artistic tell of her relationship dilemmas and the melodies carry so much depth.

2Pac – “Temptations”

Kyote: This song just sits with me, Pac had something no other rapper could say is theirs. The instrumental just makes me feel like a kid again; sitting down with my family when guests come round and playing Sega or Nintendo with my cousins. All the adults would have brandy and ice in their glass and talk hella adult talk. That’s what this song and a lot of 2Pac’s music does to me, I lived through his music since a kid but this song is close to my heart because of what he’s talking about and how the song was put together and the nostalgic feeling it gives me. Love it! My dad put me on to this song when I was younger, I remember him saying “Baby, tell me are you lonely.”

Jay-Z – “Regrets”

Butch: The first verse made me learn what a true lyricist is, and that there are actually levels to this shit. Ever since I heard this song I realised why Jay is where he’s at, 96’s Reasonable Doubt was one of the best tapes I’ve ever heard and he closes it with this song. Talking on living life and learning to move on with the regrets we keep.

Mariah Carey – “Thank God I Found You” (Make It Last Remix feat. Joe & Nas)

Daniella: I love love love this song, it’s so feel good and nostalgic. The perfect taste of R&B in its greatest element. It’s a remix of Mariah Carey’s original tune and so there’s just some vocals that blow you away, and make you relate.

Usher – “Nice and Slow”

Daniella: Usher’s come up was an inspiring journey. He was at the risk of being dropped when his voice broke and “Nice and Slow” came off of his first proper project that brought him back up and obviously it’s a big favourite of all Usher fans!

Sade – “The Sweetest Taboo”

Kyote: This song is beautiful, it’s smooth, it reminds me of growing up with my brother and sister with a single mother talking on the phone while this song plays in the background. So much about Sade’s personality and the way she represented not only black women but women as a whole was beautiful to me. Especially, growing up in a household with three women and one being my single mother, having 6 aunties and also having that mother and son bond with my grandmother; listening to Sade always humbles me and reminds how beautiful women are. Apart from “The Sweetest Taboo”, “Smooth Operator” showed me how to operate with the females in my life at times when things get heated and the words of that song is just sitting on my subconscious waiting to play a part in my actions, haha. Oh and she’s Nigerian so my aunties on my Dad’s side were huge Sade fans.

The Notorious B.I.G. – “Me And My Bitch”

Butch: This song off the album Ready To Die is one of the loudest songs that resonates with me. I was always into the typical heartfelt rap track that spoke on relationships, and back when I first heard this it was mad listening to a dark love song. Biggie’s word play on his partner and the dirty phrases played too well, always respected his truth in it even the bit where he says she would use his toothbrush to clean the toilet. Classic art of storytelling. And the beat? Damn.

Fela Kuti – “Gentleman”

Kyote: This song just helped understand myself and appreciate who I am. “I be African man original”. I eat Pounded Yam with my hands. I have no shame. “I not be gentleman like that”.

Bobby V – “Slow Down”

Daniella: A simple classic R&B hit, everyone my age was bumping this in high school and all. It’s one of those ones that listening to it years later brings you straight back to a time – the power of R&B!

Marvin Gaye – “Sexual Healing”

Kyote: I’m going to keep this brief for confidential reasons, haha, but this song is just a reminder to myself that when you’re stressed there are priceless healing methods. I’m 23 and I’m understanding the true meaning and beauty of these things. This song must have spoke to me from early cause I had conversations with my uncle and he didn’t even understand the message in that song the way I did until he was in his early 30’s.

Big Punisher – “Punish Me”

Butch: Another king at the art of storytelling. This song struck deep with me at the time. The stories of him and his ex-partner having his first son, and the implications of her making it difficult to see him. I’ll never forget the moment when I heard him talk about how important a father is in four bars – “Ever again, never pretend he doesn’t have a father, / I’m always there and you don’t wanna bother, / I honour my word on my father’s grave, guide him through the hardest age, / So he can thrive and survive in this modern age.” Too much sauce.

The Age of L.U.N.A.’s new EP “Coco” is out tomorrow (12th May).