New Noise: ShitKid

Talking to the charming “anti-popstar”.

Hailing from the north of Sweden, 24 year old Åsa Söderqvist, who now goes by the name of ShitKid, is about to become your favourite “anti-popstar”. Originally starting a feminist punk band after she moved to Gothenburg, Åsa decided to do things on her own, navigating her broken computer to release her brilliant debut self-titled EP last year.

Now set to release her debut album, Fish, later this year, ShitKid’s unique take on rock’n’roll is about to push her into the spotlight where she belongs. Fully anticipating the reign of ShitKid, we sat down with Åsa to find out all about her.

Where does the name “ShitKid” come from?

Shitkid is English for ‘skitunge’ which is a tale parents used to tell to scare their children away from playing rock music – like a boogey-man!

Before you became ShitKid, you were part of a feminist punk band. Can you tell us a bit about that experience?

Well we were a band for about a year and we were fucking great. My favourite band in the world. Really angry and all the lyrics were about hating men. It was super fun. We had one gig which was good for curing my stage fright a little, but then the guitarist got pregnant..

What made you want to venture off on your own?

I think it’s hard making anything with many people involved. One week someone has a headache and the other I get called in for extra work or whatever. Everyone has to be super enthusiastic for it to move forward. I realised that more when I started recording on my own because everything was quick and fun and easy.

Who would you say are your main musical influences?

White Stripes I guess. If I could choose one skill in the world it would be to play guitar like Jack White.

“If I could choose one skill in the world it would be to play guitar like Jack White.”

Can you tell us about your newest single “Alright”?

“Alright” was written a long time ago – the same day as “Sugar Town” in fact. I was about to leave for Asia and was living in my Mum’s apartment, so those songs were recorded in her kitchen. We were due to play our first gig when I got back and I wanted more “rock” songs in there to fill out the set. It’s about feeling weird in a relationship and not really knowing why, and when the other person is… either ignoring it or actually not feeling the weirdness, which makes it even stranger.

You’re gearing up to release your debut album Fish next month. What can we expect from it?

You can expect nine ShitKid songs and one amazing cover! People say it sounds more produced but it’s GarageBand and mixed by Simon Skelett just like the last one. I guess it’s a bit more clean. We put in less stuff when we re-recorded them but I freaked out and used these old ones anyway.

You’re about to head off on tour. What are you most looking forward to?

It will be fun going on tour with my friends. Linda Hedström plays synth and the the woman behind all my album-cover-art will be with us filming a documentary.

What’s been your most memorable moment on stage?

We played at Pustervik in Gothenburg at one of our super early gigs where we wore dresses and had a bouquet of pink flowers on our rider wich we asked our friends to throw on us at stage. It was super pretty. The best part was when I managed to pop our Törley (sparkling wine) super high hitting their discoball at the exact moment Greta started playing ‘Sugar Town.’

What bands are you going to listen to whilst on your tourbus?

I usually feel I have to listen to all the bands we’re playing WITH so I guess I’ll listen to all of those a little. And we will be inter-railing so no tour bus by ourselves. If we had one we’d play Nickelback extremely loud…

Elly Watson
New Noise: ShitKid

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