Premiere: FOURS – "Stella"

The pop starlets unleash a synth banger.

Connotations of calling anything Stella are generally unfortunate. As bad as it sounds, on seeing FOURS’ song title choice, I thought only of a rotund gentleman of middle years clutching a can of that sweet nectar. Thankfully my baseless assumptions were scattered to the winds as I immersed myself in a delectable slice of pop goodness delivered unto me by the London four-some.

Fronted by Edith Violet, FOURS seem to have capitalised on that age old combo of great presentation and intelligent hooks. ‘”Stella” is so full of teenage angst I can feel myself being compelled to go on a Tumblr inspired road trip or film myself in high definition setting household objects on fire. It is brash, well executed and unspeakably catchy. I look forward to more.

Aaron Powell