Louis Vuitton × Fragment Design

Kim Jone and Hiroshi Fujiwara deliver a new band fantasy.

Japanese icon Hiroshi Fujiwara is legendary for bringing hip-hop influences to Tokyo, and this interpretation of classic American style remains integral to his brand, Fragments Design. In a new collaboration with old friend Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton’s Style Director for menswear since 2011, an imaginary band has been spawned , Louis V and The Fragments and their attempts to create a stage wardrobe and merchandise is what forms the new collection.

Here varsity influences merge with classic Vuitton motifs, while references from both Japan and France are emblazoned across berets. Friends for over 20 years, this new collaboration is set to be a meeting of pop culture, and, it would seem, monochrome. “I wanted to do something quite unexpected,” explains Jones, “something perhaps more youthful than we usually do. Hiroshi has that understanding of detail that comes from the Japanese – he simply knows everything.”

And because Thursday is the new Friday, the band fantasy comes alive today, arriving in a Harrods pop-up; you’ve got the next three weeks to become a groupie of the coolest globe-trotting band that never was.

Rebecca Sander