The songs we’re obsessing over this week.

Blondage – “Stoned”

Danish duo, Blondage, are back with their newest electro banger, “Stoned”. A shimmering summer essential, the track describes a day at the pool through the eyes of a love-struck girl. Showcasing the pair’s unique take on pop music, it’s an absolute smash and an exciting glimpse of what’s to come from the duo this year.

Simian Ghost – “When You’re Ready”

If you’re already excited for summer, Simian Ghost’s newest track “When You’re Ready” is gonna push you over the edge. A groovy sunshine soaked banger, the song is an instant summer indie-pop anthem. To get maximum listening pleasure, accompany with an ice cold beer on the beach.

Sun Drift – “Daylight”

Lancashire native Sun Drift returns with an intimate offering akin to the likes of Joey Dosik and Chris Bill. Mellow vocals meld into a rich tapestry of harmonious, jazz infused chord progressions creating a song that is both poignantly honest and sonically enthusing. Make sure you watch the Pilgrim’s Progress/mid level tour stop inspired video directed by Ben Hall.

Dumb Lovers – “Oscar”

Pat Benatar and The Gang of Four’s love twins Dumb Lover’s dropped their stunning debut earlier this month and we can’t get enough of it. Hailing from the South East, the duo’s sun kissed dream pop alongside a tasteful penchant for the 1980s is causing quite the stir. Sultry, decadent and unabashedly catchy, “Oscar” is a song for summer nights and weekend debauchery.

turan – “Ghost”

East London crooner turan boldly steps forward with haunting and broody new single “Ghost” plucked from the upcoming Eden EP. turan says: “The track is about the memories that linger on our shoulders, they shape us, create worlds around us, some more real than the walls right in front of our faces.”

Ardyn – “Together”

Brother and sister duo, Ardyn, are proving that sibling power is real with their newest track “Together”. A shimmering technicolour alt-pop song, it’s an exciting glimpse of what Rob and Katy Pearson have up their sleeves for this year.

Paramore – “Hard Times”

Throw away your black skinny jeans and whip on the nearest pastel shirt you can find, because Paramore are back with a new look and a new song and we’re all for it. Four years after their last album, the Talking Heads inspired track is a synth-pop sensation, marking the return of founding drummer Zac Farro. Full of jingly rhythms and Hayley’s incredible vocals, get ready to get obsessed with the new Paramore.

S4U – “Isle of Dogs”

Following on from last year’s incredible “Brazil” EP, the London R&B duo are back with a sizzlingly sexy new track. “Isle of Dogs” sees Rosita Bonita as the simmering vengeful songstress as she describes the breakdown of a relationship. Her delicious vocals are backed with hypnotic electronics, creating an experimental and extraordinary soundscape.

Sloes – “All in the Mind”

The title track of their upcoming EP, “All in the Mind” is Sloes at their best. Brooding and brilliant, the London based band blend elements from indie and folk to create a cinematic spine-tingling track. Start getting into this band now, because they are destined for big things this year.

Vilde – “Maintain”

Ex-Kins frontman, Thomas Savage, is one of the most exciting artists around at the moment. Dropping a new track every month, he is building his album piece by piece, and “Maintain” is the most recent stunning building block. With exciting synth beats and unique vocals that will pull you in, the future is looking bright for Vilde. No Jenga worries here.

Caswell – “Brother”

The follow up from debut single “Animal”, Caswell is back with beautiful new track “Brother”. Powerful and poignant, the London-based singer’s voice floats gracefully over melodic synths. Heartbreaking and goose-bump inducing, prepare to be bewitched by this exciting newcomer.

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