New Noise: HAUS

Getting to know the North London lads.

Tottenham based quintet, HAUS, are claiming their spot as the most exciting band around at the moment. Signing to the brand new Atlas Artists Records last year, 2016 saw them breakthrough with brilliant tracks “Two Minds” and “Blinded”. 2017 has now been lucky enough to see them go from strength to strength with the release of “Levels” and “Gave It All”, coming from their highly anticipated new EP.

Now the boys are back with their newest offering “Say What You Say”. A hypnotic indie-pop banger with uplifting guitar riffs and uniquely beautiful vocals, the track addresses the self-contradictory society that we are currently living in. Fully establishing themselves as the sound of the summer, the track is an exciting glimpse at what their upcoming EP will have in store.

Ahead of their sold out show at London’s Courtyard, we talked to lead vocalist Ash to find out more about the provocative newcomers.

How did you all meet?

Daniel, Sam, Ellis and Lyle all met at music college (ICMP) in Kilburn back in 2012. After trying out a handful of different singers I was introduced to the boys by a very good mate of mine at Sam’s 18th birthday party. At the time I was still in my sixth form band. There was a gazebo with drums, guitars, synths and mic’s set up in Sam’s back garden and after a couple beers (k-cider for Daniel) we thought it’d be a good idea to jam. So we did. The rest is history.

What do each of you bring to the band?

Lyle brings the inappropriate jokes, Ellis brings the enthusiasm, Sam brings the parental advice, Daniel brings the mystery and I bring the dad puns.

It seems like so many incredible artists are coming out of Tottenham. Is there something in the water?

There’s always been a lot talent in North London, for a lot longer than most people can imagine. It’s just taken this long for people to notice it.

For those who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe it?

That’s hard to say, this is the question we try to avoid and usually just respond with “good music” – it is actually that simple though, we see music in a black and white sense, there’s good music and bad music across all areas. I suppose there are a lot of layers in our music which we’ve drawn from a very wide range of influences. Universal. I’d describe it as universal.

“Hearing a crowd sing lyrics I’ve written back to us is simply incredible. Even songs that we haven’t released yet which is beyond my understanding.”

Can you tell us about your most recent single, “Say What You Say”?

We wanted to address the self-contradictory system we live in today. We live in a world built from thought, but it’s almost frowned upon to think outside the box. We use words like “war” as a mask to make murder acceptable, and to try and prove that killing is wrong. We ALL know the way we are living is unacceptable, but we fear to do anything about it.

It comes from your upcoming EP. What can you tell us about this?

We live in a society now that oppresses our creativity and originality. A society that separates us makes us compete against each other. We blame society, but we are society. We can change.

You’re currently on tour! What’s been your fave moment on stage so far?

Hearing people sing our tunes back to us, from start to finish. Hearing a crowd sing lyrics I’ve written back to us is simply incredible. Even songs that we haven’t released yet which is beyond my understanding. We’re about half way through the tour now and the response every night has been amazing. We’re very excited for the next run of shows.

What else have you got up your sleeves for this year?

We have a very busy summer this year, playing a bunch of festivals. Most of them are in mainland Europe which is crazy, we’ll be playing in cities we’ve never been to before. Playing Reading and Leeds Dance stage this year will definitely be highlight too but I think we’re equally as excited to get back to the nitty gritty stuff, i.e. Writing, recording and releasing new music!

Like this? Buy the Spring ’17 Issue here.

Elly Watson
New Noise: HAUS

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