7 Wonders: Record Store Day

Ahead this year’s event, we’ve selected London’s top line-ups.

Conceived 10 years ago as a way of revitalising a dying breed, Record Store Day’s growth has been astronomical, leading it to become one of the music calendar’s most prominent focal points. With vinyl sales soaring to dizzying new heights (last year overtaking digital sales), participation in RSD has become synonymous with being not just a vinyl fetishist but a music fan.

Not only about celebrating the importance of vinyl, RSD is about coming together and interacting with others, pouring over unearthed treasures, from a new release by London Grammar to a golden oldie from Nico; exclusive releases to look out for at this year’s edition include sounds from the likes of Alice Coltrane, Blackstreet, The Fall, Jaco Pastorius and Laura Marling, plus a whole host more.

In anticipation of arguably one of music’s greatest days of the year, we’ve scoured London for some of the best RSD events at our favourite records shops. So pop down, dig, listen and spread the music love.

Rough Trade West

Started in 1976, Rough Trade West is a stone’s throw from Wonderland HQ and has had its finger on the pulse for time immemorial, supporting punk and new wave in their infancy. On RSD they welcome the likes of Penguin Café, Shame, Bandante, Craig Finn and Nadine Khouri for a packed afternoon of the best and brightest in new music. Expect throngs and fellow vinyl lovers!

Banquet Records

Over in Kingston, Banquet Records are celebrating in style with a whole host of bands and artists from the aged nu folk of To Kill A King to Britpop heroes from back in the day, Cast. Partisan Record’s Craig Finn will also be gracing the stage this year.

Cashbah Records

South east London’s premiere independent record store, Cashbah Records is overflowing with the finest reggae, pop, jazz, punk, anything you could think of. Legendary 80s mod revivalists, The Chords will be serenading sweetly in the evening, so you have the whole day to laden yourself with a wide range of genre defying purchases.

Flashband Records

Vinyl store in Shoreditch? We know what you’re thinking: tight trousers, moustaches, muted brown corduroy garments of any description and feigned interest in jazz. Fear not, Flashback Records has something for everyone whether it be avant garde minimalism or Mary Mary. Duke Spirit, Bare Pale, Spoilers, Average Sex and Bad Lungs will be providing the entertainment while you peruse, and if you fancy an afterparty head to Brooklyn Brewery for some smooth grooves, courtesy of Slabdragger.

Rat Records

Rat Records is a no frills record shop in Camberwell focused on the purveyance of vinyl as a collectable item. They have shunned guitars for this year’s RSD and have instead opted for a DJ line-up featuring Dave Aardvark, Billy Nasty and Sean Dixon. Purely based on the choice of DJ names, Rat Records is a winner.

Lion Coffee & Records

Situated on Lower Clapton Road sandwiched between Hackney Central and the Downs, Lion & Coffee Record’s winning business model (if you hadn’t guessed it already), is selling records and coffee in unison. It’s fool proof and so is their killer RSD line-up featuring Rob Ackroyd from Florence + The Machine, A.Beast, Whenyoung and Factory Seconds.

The Book and Record Bar

A fully licensed bar, bookshop and record store in West Norwood, The Book and Record Bar is combing three winning ingredients to create quite possibly the greatest concept since the wheel. With world renowned DJ’s Alex Paterson and DJ Food joining local DJ’s and special guests, The Book and Record Bar is essential visiting for anyone interested in beer, books or vinyl. So everybody.

Aaron Powell
7 Wonders: Record Store Day

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