Premiere: Playing House – "Jelly Legs"

Soul bearing art pop for the 21st century.

Self-described anthemic songsmiths Playing House offer up an exploratory visual saga sound tracked by 80’s arthouse revivalism and the purity of youth. “Jelly Legs”, their latest release and a key feature on their upcoming EP “Jocelyn”, is imbued with an overarching sense of teenage nostalgia, unashamedly brash in its delivery and comical in only a way that paint and questionable editing can be.

This sun kissed pop offering has all the hall marks of classic 00’s indie with nods to the likes of Orange Juice and Talking Heads giving it an almost universal appeal. Catchy, unchallenging and thankfully about as far away from Bauhaus as is humanly possible, Playing House have created their own distinct brand of nonchalant guitar pop whilst remaining both whimsical and unpretentious. We can guarantee the slow arrival of the summer months will seem to edge closer that little bit sooner after first listening.

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