Model Behaviour: Sam Harwood

Model of the moment.

Do you want to start by telling us how you got scouted?

I guess scouting is kind of a loose term. My mum actually sent in photographs to Models1 when I was 13 years old and it’s quite funny because they replied to her email saying that they didn’t want me! I kept going in every three months and when I was 16, they offered me a contract.

What have you been up since you got scouted?

Well I have done two seasons in Paris and Milan, lots of commercial work, a couple of shows here in London.

In terms shoots and shows, what’s your prefernce?

My first big show was DSquared when I was 17 and the rush! Obviously I love Dean and Dan, I love them to bits, because I was around all these big male models that I knew and I remember thinking like ‘what am I doing here’ and it was exhilarating, it was sublime actually. Their production is massive and they spend loads of money on the shows, it’s more a party than anything else.

What has been your favourite modelling moment so far?

There are lots of things. I was lucky enough to live in L.A for four months. I’ve travelled over the world to Tokyo, LA, New York, Paris and Milan but when I look back, the moments that I think about are partying during fashion week and walking for Balmain – that was a really really good time; I’m a big fan of Olivier. This was before they had men’s runway shows so it was like half presentation half catwalk, but that was really nice! I was the last look in the show so that was amazing.

One of my first jobs, you know those Abercrombie & Fitch campaigns where they fly like 50 models out. I knew who Bruce Weber was by 16, so for me the prospect of having a one-on-one photo shoot with him was sublime. I was so young, my auntie came with me!

Out to the places you’ve mentioned, which was your favourite?

Tokyo, and it wasn’t my market at all! I was there for a couple of months working here and there. Just the experience of going to Japan and seeing a different culture was so fascinating to me. It was really beautiful and an eye-opening couple of months because I had no idea what to expect when I was going over there. I found that really daunting but when I got there I was pleasantly surprised to find that the people there are really respectful and accepting of other societies and cultures. I think that the Western world could learn so much from them, and that’s not to put barriers between us, but I remember thinking little things, like everyone has boxes that they put their cigarette butts in instead of throwing them in the street and you wouldn’t find a single piece of chewing gum on the floor, whereas you walk around east London and you get loads stuck to your shoes!

All clothing DSQUARED2

All clothing DSQUARED2

Tell me a bit about what you get up to when you’re not modellingg.

I guess the main thing that takes up my time at the moment is horse riding; I was born in south London but I have always lived in the countryside and at the moment, at home, I have got a Hanoverian sports horse called Monty the 15th, he’s my baby, he’s beautiful! The other one is called Kingston Lane and he’s a retired race horse so he is a thoroughbread but they are both massive and they are both nightmares, they’re terrible, and they take up a lot of my time! When I’m not horse riding, I’m doing bits of acting stuff, everything is heading in that sort of direction which is interesting.

Can you tell us a bit about your workout and skincare routines?

I’m probably the worst person to ask about that; I gave up smoking five months ago without even going back which I’m happy with. I feel a lot better. I went for a run with my father the other day and was able to keep up with him. I mean he’s like 53 but still, when you smoke for nearly eight years! I do yoga here and there. Skincare routine, I use cleanser, toner, moisturiser and then occasionally I’ll steal one of my girlfriend’s face masks.

How has your life changed since you’ve started modelling?

So this is the thing, I don’t feel like anything has changed for me. People talk about coming from small towns and then they’re like ‘I’m doing this’ and their friends are like ‘wow’, going crazy and stuff, but for me people that have known me growing up have always known that this is what I wanted to do, so it hasn’t really impacted my social life at home and mentally it hasn’t changed me.

Finally, what are you hoping to achieve in your career?

You sound like my mom [laughs] I’m kidding! I think that’s a really difficult question for anyone in any industry to answer. Without trying to get too deep, I suppose acting for a lot of models, it’s a natural progression for them. You can ask every model what they want to do and they will say that they want to be an actor. I’ve already done acting courses at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, so from there how do you progress as an actor? When I’m doing these social events, it’s not about going and having fun, it’s about growing my persona and brand and networking.

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All clothing DSQUARED2

All clothing DSQUARED2
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Model Behaviour: Sam Harwood

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