The artists you’ll be playing on repeat this week.

Jimi Charles Moody – “Only You”

“Only You” is the hauntingly beautiful new song by Jimi Charles Moody, or, as you may know him better, Harley from Rizzle Kicks. With strikingly brutal honesty, the ballad was originally written for someone else before Jimi realised it was too personal to give away. Speaking on the track he says, “I hope the “You” in question hears this, so they know how much they did and still do mean to me.” Intimate and incredible, the bare piano chords highlighting Jimi’s delicate vocals have created a track that will stay with you long after you finish listening.

Fang Night – “Steady Cruising”

London-based duo Ben Walker and Ewa Lefmann have been making music together since they were 14 and their effortlessly incredible electronic-pop sound is the result. Following last year’s “Artificial” EP, the pair are back with their newest track “Steady Cruising”. Full of electro hooks and ethereal vocals, the track is a loud and proud pop song that we are slightly obsessed with. Fresh off of being shortlisted for Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent competition, the Pyramid stage is certainly on the cards for the future.


JOEY FOURR have just released the perfect visuals for their dreamy track, “BATH TIEM”. Taken from the upcoming album Velvet Realness, the video is an amazing backdrop for the silky, sensual ballad, showing off JOEY FOURR’s hypnotic charm. Speaking on the song, JOEY say, “The song is a genuine ode to those glorious orange, blue and pink sunsets on a beach we as people living in Britain only ever see whilst watching videos of California, Hawaii, Sri Lanka, the sweetest romances are sometimes imaginary.”

Kidepo – “Ramada”

Jonah Mutono, aka Kidepo, is the 25 year old musician about to steal your heart. His newest track “Ramada”, taken from his upcoming “Reunion” EP, is an electro R&B masterpiece exploring Kidepo’s struggle to find his place after living in London, Uganda and Philadelphia. “When people ask me where I’m from, I don’t know what to tell them,” he explains with the same stunning honesty as seen in the track. With his EP set for release later this month, you should be paying attention to this exciting new artist.

Sam Fender – “Play God”

Having narrowly missed out on the #1 slot on Spotify’s UK Viral Chart thanks to a certain long-haired former Directioner, Sam Fender is the songwriter you should be listening to. His debut track “Play God” is a dark and delicious indie-pop track showing the heights that this Newcastle newcomer is destined to reach. Get ready to get obsessed.

CANVAS – “Wasting Time” (feat. Tyra)

CANVAS’s newest track “Wasting Time” marks the end of an era. The Swedish duo made up of brothers Robin and Andreas Schulz have gone out with a bang, with this dynamic and incredible electro-pop track. Now moving on as a solo artist, Robin says of the track, “It feels so great to finally release this track. I hope you guys will like it as much as I do. This track represents the end of an era for CANVAS as you know us. Andreas decided to leave due to other priorities in life and we both thought that this is the best decision for us. There are no hard feelings at all and I will keep pushing CANVAS to new heights. I am super exited for the future and I can’t wait to see how this new track and video will be received. Love you all!”

Bleachers – “Hate That You Know Me”

With backing vocals from megababe Carly Rae Jepsen, Bleachers, aka Jack Antonoff, has just dropped his newest track “Hate That You Know Me”. The three-time Grammy award winning singer, songwriter and producer is gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated second album Gone Now, and if this track is anything to go by it’s destined to be an absolute banger.

The Pale White – “Turn It Around”

Newcastle trio, The Pale White, are fast making their claim as one of the go-to guitar bands of the moment. Talking about their newest track “Turn It Around”, Adam says, “The song is about the twists and turns in a disastrous relationship that was always destined for a bitter end.” What this results in is a crashing and captivating guitar-led track, with bluesy vocals and an exciting glimpse of what the three piece have to offer.

Haux – “Touch”

Mixing folk and electro, Haux has dropped his dreamy new track, “Touch”. With heavenly delicate vocals, the track is reminiscent of those peaceful hours when you are midway between being awake and dreaming, and it is beautifully intimate and dazzling.

Billy Lockett – “More”

25 year old Billy Lockett has a voice that will send chills down your spine. Taken from his upcoming debut album, his newest track “More” is a fiercely personal and passionate track that will stop you in your tracks. Combining the raw beauty of his voice with the intimate piano backing, the track is striking and sublime.


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